Environment and Ecology

  • The stools in recycled ceramic by Tsuyoshi Hayashi


    The field of industrial waste is more and more frequently studied by artists and designers to bring it to new life, new value, in a continuous dialogue between environmental sustainability and creativity. The stools « Kawara » by designer Tsuyoshi Hayashi arise from the creative recycling of industrial waste in the production of traditional Japanese roof tiles (« Kawara » …


  • The Media Library of Verneuil toward LEED certification Gold


    In Verneuil-sur-Seine (Yvelines), an outbuilding of the castle, with four centuries of life, which served as a warehouse is being renovated to become, by September 2013, the municipal media library, is also a candidate to become the first LEED-certified building in France (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold level. The ancient walls, the undisputed …


  • Novoceram tiles are LEED Compliant


      Introduction: what is it? Credit SS 7.1: Solar Reflectance Index MR 5.1 and MR Credit 5.2: Regional Materials Credits EQ4.2: low-emission materials ID Credit 1.1 – 1.4: Innovation in Design Close   The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an American certification of buildings that meet certain environmental requirements. To achieve LEED …


  • Welcome 2013!


    In the vast amount of retrospectives on the 2012 and incessant flow of wishes for 2013, this article will stand presenting not only our eyes on 2012 and its changes, but also the important turning point of 2013, which will be written in the history of Novoceram. In 2013 Novoceram celebrates its sesquicentennial and inaugurates …


  • Novoceram A+ tiles


    New French packaging regulations require us to give information on all our boxes about levels of volatile substance emissions into indoor air, which have a toxic inhalation risk. Decree 2011-321 of 23 March 2011 and the decree of 29 April 2011 on labelling of building products or wall or floor coverings and paint and varnishes …


  • Water saving target surpassed!

    Water saving target surpassed!

    At the beginning of Cersaie 2010, in the article « Water, a species in danger of extinction », Novoceram announced its intention to reduce water consumption by about 30% by the end of 2010 with respect to 2009 consumption. In the spring of 2011, this prediction was exceeded by a wide margin – the actual saving was …


  • Water : a species at risk of extinction

    Water : a species at risk of extinction

    Seventy one per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, but 97.5% is salty.  Of the remaining 2.5%, only 1% can be used for human activities.  Of this 1%, 93% is used for agriculture.  If all the Earth’s water was placed in a bucket, only a coffee spoon would be drinking water. Agriculture …


  • Novoceram ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified

    Novoceram ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified

    After Ecolabel certification, Novoceram has recently obtained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certification. ISO 9001:2000 defines a series of standards for quality system management conceived for use in all types of organisation, irrespective of the size, type or sector.  The idea is to define the requisites an organisation must respect to manage company processes in …


  • The Novoceram Temporary Shop comes back to life in a website entirely dedicated to L’ Echappée Verte

    The Novoceram Temporary Shop comes back to life in a website entirely dedicated to L’ Echappée Verte

    For several weeks now, a monothematic site entirely dedicated to the ephemeral wonders of Novoceram’s Temporary Shop,  « L’Echappée Verte », open in Paris for just 18 days in September 2008, has been on line. Designed to surprise at every click, the site aims to evoke as far as possible the fabulous atmosphere of the Paris Shop …


  • The visit to the Novoceram factory at Métamorphose

    The visit to the Novoceram factory at Métamorphose

    The visit to Novoceram’s factory at Champblain was one of the four afternoon appointments for each of the more than 600 guests at Métamorphose from Monday 8 to Friday 12 June. Although part of the normal programme of customer visits to the company headquarters, proposing them during this event had a particular significance for Novoceram. …


  • The European Ecolabel

    The European Ecolabel

    European Ecolabel certification provides Novoceram’s customers with a guarantee that throughout its lifecycle the product they are buying respects the environmental parameters defined and controlled by independent EU bodies. What is the European Ecolabel? Since 1992, Ecolabel has been the European environmental quality mark, awarded to products with a low environmental impact throughout their entire …


  • Ecology and building

    Ecology and building

    Novoceram has no doubts: everyone in their own small way can make a contribution to protecting the environment. Starting with the small gestures. Together with  ECOLABEL certification of its products and opening of the ISO 14001 procedure, Novoceram also wants to set an example by working actively to prevent deforestation. This is why to mark …


  • The Echappée Verte partners

    The Echappée Verte partners

    Novoceram has always surrounded itself with the best partners to make its projects a success. For example, for the CERSAIE exhibition, Novoceram traditionally obtains out-of-the-ordinary furniture and objects from leading names in design and décor who are happy to lend them free of charge in recognition of the relationship of trust and mutual exchange. This …



  • Parhotel Kortrijk novoceram
    Parkhotel – Kortrijk

    Name : Tom Adins Studio : Adins – Van Looveren Architecten Address : Industrieweg 118-3 Gand 9032 Belgie Web site : www.adins-vanlooveren.be Biography : - Name : Parkhotel Typology : Hotel Year : 2014 City : Courtrai Surface : - m² Client : - Constructor : - Tiler : - Description : - Products : ...

  • swimming pool Hamburg
    Swimming pool – Hamburg

    Name : Andreas Edye Studio : Andreas Edye Architekten Address : Steinhöft 11 Hamburg D-20459Germany Web site : www.edye-architekten.de Biography : We create unique spaces that match the personality and the individual wishes of our client. In common dialogue we develop a suitable solution. Each project is unique and receives its own style. - Name ...

  • chocolaterie-thumb
    La Chocolaterie – Craponne

    Name : - Studio : Richard Bagur Architecte d’intérieur Address : 21 rue ClaudiaLyon69002France Web site : www.richardbagur.com Biography : We want to create a unique identity for each client through space and decorative ambiance, combining volumes, materials and colors. Follow us : - Name : La Chocolaterie Typology : Shop Year : - City ...

  • Housing Hotel Dieu Marseille Tangram Architectes
    Housing Hôtel-Dieu – Marseille

    Name : Aline Charrière Studio : Tangram Architectes Address : 10, rue Virgile Marron Marseille 13005France Web site : www.tangram-architectes.com Biography: Interior designer graduated from the Ecole Boulle in Paris and Architect with state diploma of the school of architecture of Marseille-Luminy. She has joined the atelier Tangram in August 2008 and works in partnership ...

  • Hotel Renaissance Aix en Provence Reflexion Paysage
    H. Renaissance – Aix en Provence

    Name : Yoran Morvant Studio : Réflexion Paysage Address : Pôle d’activité d’Éguilles – Le Raphaël – 25 rue Topaze13510France Website : www.reflexion-paysage.com Biography : REFLEXION PAYSAGE consists of 2 partners: a Architecte-Paysagiste/Urbaniste, Nicolas MOINGEON and a Graphic Designer / Designer space, Yoran MORVANT. Follow us : Name: Hotel Renaissance Typology : Hotel Year : ...

  • maumy-thumb
    Café de l’Horloge – Chambery

    Name : Emmanuel Maumy Studio : EMC2 Studio Address : - - -- Website : www.emc2-studio.com Biography : - Follow us : Name : Crea Design Studio : Crea Design Address : Rue SommeillerMery73420France Internet site : www.crea-design.fr Description : - Suivez-nous : - Name : Café de l’Horloge Typology : Public Building Year : ...

  • hotel-champ-fleuris-thumb
    Hôtel Champs Fleuris – Morzine

    Name : Philippe Deletraz Studio : Atelier Deletraz Address : 2 rue du Parc Annemasse 74100France Website : www.atelier-deletraz.com Biography : - Follow us : - Name : Hôtel Champs Fleuris Typology : Public Building Year : 2013 City : Morzine Surface : 520 m2 Client : - Builder : - Tiler : Carrelage Angel ...

  • thumbparty
    The Party

    The contemporary stand reinterprets the famous scene of the film « Hollywood Party » by Blake Edwards.. A villa in a modernist style studded of yesterday and today design classics, with which the company designs a new, unpublished declination of the Novoceram living. Essential spaces completely covered with new ceramic collections of the house, where the purity ...

  • blog011
    The Party : the new Novoceram booth at Cersaie 2013

    After the inauguration of the showroom in Saint Vallier and the online competition  » Happy Birthday Novoceram », Novoceram continues its initiatives to celebrate its 150th birthday with a new stand at Cersaie 2013 , the International Exhibition of ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings , to be held in Bologna, from23 to 27 September 2013. Confirm on ...

  • jeu-concours-thumb-en
    The Photo Contest « Happy Bithday Novoceram »

    Novoceram invites you to participate to the new Photo Contest “Happy Birthday Novoceram”, created to celebrate its 150° anniversary of the company’s foundation. Until when can I participate? You can participate until the 30th of semptember (6:30 p.m. london). The members of the Jury will have a week to decide and communicate the names of ...

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