UPEC certification

All tiles can be classified in accordance with UPEC standards. This classification makes it possible to find out easily the most appropriate uses for each product and to compare products from the point of view of their technical performance. UPEC certification is carried out by subjecting the tiles to various tests organised by the CSTB using ISO test methods in order to test their technical characteristics and check their behaviour in terms of the following aspects:
  • Letter U: resistance to wear, due - for example - to foot traffic
  • Letter P: resistance to perforation, due, for example, to the weight of furniture on a limited surface area
  • Letter E: resistance to water
  • Letter C: resistance to chemical attack, such as from acids, bases and other chemical agents
A number is associated with each letter to indicate the performance of the material. The higher the number, the better are the technical characteristics of the material examined.
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Novoceram (since 1863) is an important wall and floor ceramic porcelain tiles producer in the #ceramics sector.
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