Tiles Surfaces and Effects

By using optimised production processes and the most advanced technologies, it is now possible to obtain products with extraordinary aesthetic qualities. As well as products inspired by continuous research into the most recent design and decoration trends, it is now possible to reproduce in an incredibly faithful way every type of material from wood to stone, concrete and resin.

  • Wood effect

    Wood Flooring

    Ceramic wood reproduces in an amazingly faithful way the characteristics and warmth of real natural wood strip parquet, combined with the strength and robustness of porcelain stoneware.

  • Stone Tiles

    Stone Tiles

    Stone is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the production of ceramic products. It is sometimes reproduced in an amazingly faithful way, and sometimes it is just the starting point for aesthetic research...

  • Designer Tiless

    Designer Tiles

    Surfaces may often be inspired by natural materials without reproducing them slavishly; instead they interpret their spirit using innovative colours and textures and large sizes.

  • Concrete effect

    Concrete effect

    A concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tile floor is perfect for elegant spaces and combines the charm of surfaces marked by use and wear with the practicality and high performance of new-generation ceramics.

  • Ceramic wallpaper

    Ceramic Wallpaper

    The latest ceramic technology makes it possible to use very highly valued wallpaper in spaces where until now it was not possible, such as bathrooms and the most expensive and exclusive corners of spas and fitness centres.

  • Terracotta Tiles

    Terracotta Tiles

    Terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware tiles combine the traditional warmth of natural terracotta with the practicality and performance of the most advanced ceramic technology.

  • Leather Tiles

    Leather Tiles

    The latest trend in contemporary design is innovative and attractive wall tiles in leather; they eliminate all the problems connected with the delicacy of this natural material.

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