• Inspiration Aquarium

    The shore of a lake. Stroking the pebbles to make them gentler. Moving the peaceful waters. Listening. Fresh food for... View »

  • Inspiration Moon

    A voyage into the cosmos with the course set for the Moon. A voyage to discover the basic elements comprising matter. Spheres which dance, suspended in space without gravity revealing... View »

  • Inspiration Tresjouy

    Novoceram invites you on a stimulating journey to discover the 18th century world of Toile de Jouy, among flowery boughs and delicate rustic scenes, mythological characters and exotic animals which... View »

  • Inspiration Origine

    Lost in a labyrinth of sensations I learnt to go back to the Origin, choosing the most hidden path leading to the heart of the... View »

  • Inspiration Ô

    One round and exclamatory vowel to express, in one sound, both the surprise to discover the Novoceram’s stand at Cersaie 2010 and the natural and vital element, Water, today threatened... View »

  • Inspiration Fil de Coco

    Following the whimsical flight of the dragonfly among the metallic reflections of gentle water and the complicated interweaving of branches, the fine coconut fibres unravel... View »

  • Inspiration Florilège

    « When I wake up I open my eyes: A bird is singing amidst the flowers; I ask him at what point in the year we are. He answers: at the... View »

  • Inspiration Métamorphose

    Métamorphose is a travelling show which leads visitors on an itinerary through all the Hotel’s abandoned rooms. In each one, an ironic fragment of the life of past guests is... View »

  • Inspiration Patio

    Hypnotic wheel Zen gardens Nocturnal labyrinthine... View »

  • Inspiration L’Echappée Verte

    Designed to surprise at every click, this « Inspiration » aims to evoke as far as possible the fabulous atmosphere of the Paris Temporary Shop « L’Echappée Verte » in all its uniqueness and... View »

  • Inspiration NoName

    There is no single point where opposites can meet, but an infinity. Sometimes it is sufficient to perceive a nuance to overturn an idea, at other times it may be... View »

  • Inspiration Samsara

    In the forests of the night, what immortal eye or hand forges the terrifying perfection of the... View »

  • Inspiration Voyage

    Respect, the absolute priority when creating the idea of Voyage, reinterpreting a material – tadelakt – which expresses a tradition and culture rooted in a distant time and a space... View »

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Novoceram (since 1863) is an important wall and floor ceramic porcelain tiles producer in the #ceramics sector. twitter followers
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