EXPO 2015: the German pavilion

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  • 10 February 2015

The German pavilion will be open to Expo 2015 in Milan from May 1 to October 31.

exposition universelle 2015 pavillon allemand
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1) The german pavilion


The theme of  the German pavilion is “The field of ideas.” With this pavilion Germany intends to show its ability to innovate in terms of feeding.
This pavilion is a trip between the most prosperous and fertile countryside of Germany. The path is littered with solutions and ideas for a respectful approach of man to nature, following themes such as water, land, biodiversity and climate.
The white solar “trees”connect the interior space to the exterior, providing shade to the garden pavilion. The stylized plants on the roof give it a leafy and green look and it suggests the metaphor of the “germination of ideas” to find solutions to the problem of nutrition.

pavillon allemagne expo2015
© Expo 2015

In the pavilion there are creative and sustainable solutions. The modern design combines traditional materials with the use of technology and smart design. The facade of the pavilion uses natural ventilation that provides air conditioning. Many varieties of wood essences extracted from local eco-friendly forests have been used to give a range of colors on the roof and facade.
At the entrance visitors receive a “seedboard” that allows interactive discovery of the place.

The design
The German pavilion, with its 4933 square meters, is the largest of the expo. The project was realized by architects of the German Schmidhuber study.


The goal is to present Gemany as a friendly and cheerful country, full of tasty products and advanced technologies.

The different spaces

The pavilion is divided into three areas that represent German agricultural heritage: a tasting area, a gourmet restaurant and a typical convivial German restaurant.

pavillon allemand exposition universelle 2015
© Expo 2015

2) Inspiration

For the creators of the German pavilion, nature has been an inspiration to respond to the main theme of Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The pavilion is inspired by the German countryside.

pavillon allemand

3) Germany and Agriculture in numbers

Germany has about 231 000 agricultural land with an average size of 45.7 hectares.
Germany is the second largest importer in the world for the food industry (in 2012 the country imported worth more than 76.9 billion euro).
German agricultural production reaches € 42.8 billion (12.7% of European agricultural production).

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