A briefcase in High Tech ceramics

Tiles and Ceramic
  • 20 January 2009

Ceramics have an ancient tradition, but thanks to their technical characteristics and versatility, they are used in many fields of technology and contemporary design.

One example is the original idea from designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos who has designed a highly unusual briefcase, the “BRIEFCeramicASE”, making extensive use of ceramics. The idea behind the project is to exploit the resistance of new generation ceramics in an object such as a briefcase which may be exposed to impact and maltreatment on various occasions.

A briefcase in ceramics

In the words of the designer: “The challenge in this project was to mix the concept of traditional ceramics, a primitive material with a long history in many cultures, with the unique properties high tech ceramics posses like their extreme hardness, scratch- and abrasion-resistance, skin friendliness and unique sensuous tactility. A briefcase is the medium to explore the potential of this combination”.

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  • Ast
    2011-03-10 22:40:37

    Hi, I would like to have contact details of the person who does this creative bags... Please, help me..... thanks a lot Ciao, Mi piacerebbe avere i contatti della persona chi crea queste valigie... aiutatemi... grazie mille

  • De Bes Micel
    2010-03-20 11:21:41

    c'est tres passionnant de voir l'implication d'un fabricant de carrelage impliqué dans l'environement

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