• 2 cm thickness and every slab wieghs only 17 kg
  • Resistant to heavy loads: more than 1000 kg per slab
  • Resistant to frost and thermal shock: the tiles guarantee the same technical performance at low temperatures, with long lasting appearance and technical characteristics
  • Aesthetic and technical features durable over time, resistant to adverse weather agents and acid rains
  • Draining : the adjustable height polypropylene supports enable perfectly flat paving to be laid on a sealed surface with the gradient necessary to drain water.
  • Salt resistant.
  • Easy cleaning (suitable also for cleaning with compressor), anti-stain and anti-mould: resistan to the attack form moulds and moss and doesn’t create dark rims. No proliferation of bacterial flora, antifungal.
  • Easy to remove for inspection, then replace.
  • Support easy and cheap to prepare
  • It can be walked on immediately after laying.
  • Square and monocaliber to guarantee a perfect fi t between tiles for laying in any context.
  • Anti-slip >= R11
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