Laying on grass

To lay the paving, place the tiles in a «stepping stone» arrangement. It is important to estimate the number of stepping stones needed to complete the path, then arrange the tiles an equal distance apart. For optimum stability, dig out to a depth of 5 to 6 cm and add a bed of fine gravel with a grain size of between 4 and 8 mm. Consolidate the substrate before laying the tiles. The tiles should remain below the level of the grass to avoid damaging the lawnmower when it passes. The laying can also be carried out on concrete rather than gravel.

1/ Position the Novoceram Outdoor Plus slabs according to your desired installation pattern.
2/ Using a shovel and with the slab on the grass, mark out around the entire perimeter of the slab.
3/ Remove the slab.
4/ Dig 5-6 cm deep across the entire area you have just marked out.
5/ Fill the hole excavated with fine gravel. Level the surface.
6/ Now set the slab into position.
7/ Ensure slab set correctly by lightly beating it with a rubber hammering tool.
8/ Novoceram Outdoor Plus slabs installed onto grass can be walked on immediately after laying.

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