Laying on gravel

Lay the tiles on gravel to obtain an even surface with minimal joints of 5mm even on large areas, guaranteeing excellent rainwater run-off.

1/ Level the substrate with a rake.
2/ Place a layer of non-woven fabric on the substrate.
3/ Spread an even layer of at least 5-10 cm of gravel (16-35 mm). For even better adherence of the slab, you can add a layer of lime to the gravel.
4/ Level the substrate with a rake.
5/ Spread a layer of at least 5.10 cm of fine gravel (4-6 mm).
6/ Level the surface using a spirit level.
7/ Lay the slabs with spacer crosses of at least 5 mm to allow excellent drainage of rainwater. During laying continually check the planarity of the surface.
8/ Novoceram Outdoor Plus slabs installed onto gravel can be walked on immediately after laying.

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