Colours of Novoceram tiles

Colour plays a determining role in choosing a floor. It should actually be perfectly combinable with the elements and accessories that are and will be in the room.

  • black tiles

    Black Tiles

    A black floor confers character upon a room without necessarily darkening it. On the contrary, it helps to highlight the colours and shapes of furnishings, items and other decorative elements See »

  • Anthracite and Dark Grey Tiles

    Anthracite and Dark Grey Tiles

    An anthracite grey floor can sometimes be enough to characterise a contemporary furnishing style. It confers elegance and modernity on every room it is used in. See »

  • Light Grey Tiles

    Light Grey Tiles

    At night all cats are grey - but there are thousands of shades of grey! Just like cats, Novoceram tiles come in all shades of grey and are embellished with refined structures and elegant textures. See »

  • White Tiles

    White Tiles

    Synonymous with purity, a white floor makes a room very bright. It can come in an infinite number of warm and cold tones and constitutes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. See »

  • Ivory Tiles

    Ivory Tiles

    Ivory is a refined, highly valued colour, synonymous with delicacy and softness. It contributes to the harmony of the room, combining naturally and elegantly with a multitude of other colours. See »

  • Beige Tiles

    Beige Tiles

    Between bright white and light brown, a beige floor has a characteristic warm and contemporary colour that suits all styles of decoration and furnishing. Beige comes in various shades and is embellished with highly valued textures, from yellow to pink tones, lingering on more neutral notes; it confers brightness to rooms. See »

  • Brown Tiles

    Brown Tiles

    A brown floor proves to be one of the most appropriate choices for warm, comfortable rooms. This welcoming, attractive colour creates a reassuring ambience, perfect for curling up in a snug, intimate space. See »

  • terracotta tiles

    Terracotta tiles

    A terracotta-effect floor recalls the welcoming heat of Mediterranean countries. Escape to a dreamy world without even going outside!
    See »

  • Red Tiles

    Red Tiles

    Red wall tiles can be particularly appreciated for the vitality and liveliness they give to any room, whether large or small. Red is a cheerful and colourful alternative to traditional cold, white walls and will put you in a good mood from the moment you wake up! See »

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