• The Ceramic Cement

    Tiles inspired by natural or waxed concrete floors constitute a set of products within the context of the Novoceram range that vary from decidedly elegant effects to interpretations of an urban or industrial nature. Full of material effects and generally offered in neutral colours like greys and beige, they help to give the space a minimal or contemporary character.

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Our collection of

carrelage imitation ciment

Cement-effect porcelain stoneware formats

Beside traditional sizes such as the 45x45, 30x60 and 60x60cm, in some collections there are also other sizes available like 30x30, 22,5x45 , 45x90 , 75x75 , 20x120 , 60x120cm.

Cement-effect types of tiles

All the advantages of ceramics are combined to the visual look, to details, to the colors typical of cement.

Which is the ceramic cement that suits your need best?

Where would you like to install your Cement-Effect Ceramics? Outdoors, on a terrace or in the garden, or indoor, in the living-room or in your bathroom? Find out which ceramic cement is most suitable to each room of your house.

  • Does not fear water

    Does not fear water

    Advantage 1/10

    Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water. The cement effect ceramics can therefore be installed in a humid room like the kitchen, the bathroom, a spa or even a swimming-pool!

  • Great resistance to wear and scratches

    Great resistance to wear and scratches

    Advantage 2/10

    Contrary to cement, which is relatively poorly resistant to wear and scratches, porcelain stoneware is one of the materials offering the best performances from this point of view.

  • Stain-resistant


    Advantage 3/10

    Porcelain stoneware is a vitrified material with basically no porosity which virtually resists to all chemical attacks: stains do not penetrate, they remain only on the surface and, even if already dried, they are still easy to remove.

  • Does not fear frost nor adverse weather conditions

    Does not fear frost nor adverse weather conditions

    Advantage 4/10

    The cement-effect ceramics is totally frost proof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. It may therefore be safely installed and used outdoors. However it is recommended to select the most suitable item to the destination use, in relation to the anti-slip features, to the thickness and installation technique.

  • Resistant to the passage of time

    Resistant to the passage of time

    Advantage 5/10

    Ceramic is an inert extremely resistant material which undergoes no change nor deterioration over time.

  • Does not crumble nor crack

    Does not crumble nor crack

    Advantage 6/10

    The cement-effect ceramic does not crumble nor crack.

  • Eco-friendly


    Advantage 7/10

    The items are produces according to a system respectful of the environment and in compliance with a certified environment managing policy. Novoceram undertakes to implement constant improvements to reduce day after day its impact on the environment.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Advantage 8/10

    Regardless of the chosen essence and aspect, the daily cleaning of your ceramics can be easily carried out with a cloth and some warm water.

  • Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Advantage 9/10

    If for ordinary maintenance the Porcelain Stoneware cleans easily with warm water, if necessary, it is possible to carry out a deeper cleaning of your floor using, without fear, more aggressive cleaning agents.

  • Hygienic


    Advantage 10/10

    The cement-effect ceramic is a hygienic material that does not favor the development of bacteria. It is non-perishable, water-proof, insulating and easy to clean and disinfect, may be therefore installed in ambiances where hygiene is of basic importance such as schools, hospitals, public kitchens etc.

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