• The Modern and Design-effect ceramic

    The contemporary design tiles are characterized by a sober design, in large sizes and discreet and elegant colors. A contemporary floor can be recognized by the technical and aesthetic elegance and refinement of the surface, the material efficiency and the depth of its colors. Elegant by definition, it makes a decisive contribution to the character and charm of the room.

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Our collection of

The Modern and Design-effect ceramic

Design tyle ceramic formats

In additions to traditional sizes such as 45x45, 30x60 and 60x60cm, in some collection other seizes are available like 22,5x45, 30x30 , 20x120 , 60x120cm.

Which is the modern-effect product that suits your need best?

Where would you like to install the modern-style Ceramic? Outdoors, on a terrace or in the garden or indoor, in a living-room or kitchen o in your bathroom? Find out which are the most suitable tiles to each room of your house.

  • water-proof


    Advantage 1/12

    Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water. Novoceram design ceramic can be safely installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in a spa and even in a swimming-pool!

  • Scratch and stain resistant

    Scratch and stain resistant.

    Advantage 2/12

    Porcelain stoneware is an extremely wear resistant material, resistant to scratches and any type of chemical attack.

  • Frost resistant

    Frost resistant

    Advantage 5/12

    Irrespective of the look chosen, design ceramic is perfectly resistant to frost and adverse weather conditions and can therefore be used outdoors. However, it would be wise to select the most suitable product for the destination use on the basis of the anti-slip features, thickness and installation technique.

  • Resiste al tempo che passa

    Resistant over time

    Advantage 6/12

    Ceramic is an extremely resistant inert material that does not undergo change or deterioration over time.

  • Risultato estetico certo

    It’s a modern trendy product

    Advantage 7/12

    Novoceram porcelain stoneware tiles create veritable design surfaces, with patterns and colors created to interpret and anticipate the latest trends of contemporary style.

  • Ecologico

    It is green

    Advantage 8/12

    Novoceram tiles are produced in accordance with an environmentally friendly production procedure and in complete compliance with a certified environmental management system. Novoceram endeavors to constantly better its system in order to reduce, day by day, the impact on the environment.

  • Facile da pulire

    Easy to clean

    Advantage 9/12

    Irrespective of the chosen look, daily cleaning of ceramics can be easily carried out with a cloth and a little warm water.

  • Si può pulire con prodotti aggressivi

    Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Advantage 10/12

    If, when carrying out daily maintenance of the porcelain stoneware, the use of some warm water is sufficient, when it becomes necessary to perform a deeper more thorough cleaning, this can be carried out with complete peace of mind using more aggressive cleaning agents.

  • Hygiénique

    It is always strong and resistant

    Advantage 11/12

    No matter which tile you eventually choose, including those with more precious and seemingly delicate surfaces, the extraordinary technical features of porcelain stoneware remains unchanged.

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