• Stone effect porcelain stoneware

    The charm of ancient stone, fashioned and polished by the passage of time and people, are united with a contemporary and innovative interpretation that are in all Novoceram products. The colors and infinite shades of natural stones give the ceramic tiles inspired by them a unique personality and a bold character. The stones are from quarries in France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries that are near and far afield, and are a tremendous source of inspiration that give indoor and outdoor floors a natural authentic flair. Novoceram uses the best production technologies, which means that we are able to reproduce with, extraordinary accuracy, the aesthetic detail as well as the materic strength of the natural stone. Therefore, it is possible to merge the charm of the stone with the exceptional resistance-qualities and ease of maintenance of porcelain stoneware.

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Our collection of

Stone effect porcelain stoneware

Stone effect porcelain stoneware formats

Depending on the collection, Novoceram ceramic stone is available in a wide range of sizes that range from large formats, 60x120, 45x90, 60x60, 30x60, and 10x60 down to the more traditional 45x45, and 30x30 sizes.

Types of stone effect tiles

All the advantages of ceramic are combined with the visual look, details, colors and the pleasing effect to the touch so typical of stone. Stone-effect ceramic faithfully reproduces the different types of stones.

piastrelle aspetto ardesia


piastrelle aspetto pietra antica

Ancient stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra bianca

White stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra borgogna

Bourgogne stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra di vals

Mica quartzite

piastrelle aspetto pietra grezza

Rough stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra moderna

Modern stone

piastrelle aspetto occhio di tigre

German stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra piasentina

Piasentina stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra quarzite

Quarzite stone

piastrelle aspetto pietra serena

Grey sandstone

Piastrelle aspetto pierre bleue

Belgian blue stone

Wich ceramic suits your needs best?

Where would you like to install your stone-effect ceramic? Outdoors, on the terrace or in the garden, or indoors, in a living-room or kitchen on in the bathroom? Find out which is the most suitable ceramic for each room of your house.

  • It's water-proof

    It's water-proof

    Advantage 1/10

    Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water. The stone-effect ceramics can therefore be installed without fear of problems in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in a spa or even in a swimming-pool!

  • Tremendous resistance to wear and scratches

    Tremendous resistance to wear and scratches

    Advantage 2/10

    While some types of stone can be relatively resistant to wear and scratches, porcelain stoneware is one of the materials that offers the best performance from this point of view.

  • Stain resistant

    Stain resistant

    Advantage 3/10

    Porcelain stoneware is a vitrified material with practically no porosity, which is resistant to virtually all attacks from chemicals. Irrespective of the type of stone reproduced, stains do not penetrate, they remain on the surface and, even if they dry, they are easy to clean.

  • It is frost resistant and resistant to adverse weather conditions

    It is frost resistant and resistant to adverse weather conditions

    Advantage 4/10

    Ceramic stone is completely frost-resistant and resistant to adverse weather conditions and can therefore be used safely outdoors. However, it would be wise to select the most suitable product for the destination use on the basis of the anti-slip features, thickness and installation technique.

  • Withstands the passage of time

    Withstands the passage of time

    Advantage 5/10

    Ceramic is an extremely resistant inert material that does not undergo change or deterioration over time.

  • Guaranteed aesthetic resul

    Guaranteed aesthetic result

    Advantage 6/10

    Ceramic stone has almost the same amount of diversity as natural stone, but when choosing a Stone Effect Ceramic, you know exactly what the results are going to be after, so you therefore have complete control of the final aesthetic result of your floor.

  • Eco-friendly


    Advantage 7/10

    All items are produced in accordance with an environmentally friendly production procedure and in complete compliance with a certified environmental management system. Novoceram endeavors to constantly better its system in order to reduce, day by day, the impact on the environment.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Advantage 8/10

    Irrespective of the chosen look, daily cleaning of ceramics can be easily carried out with a cloth and a little warm water.

  • Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Advantage 9/10

    If, when carrying out daily maintenance of the porcelain stoneware, the use of some warm water is sufficient, when it becomes necessary to perform a deeper more thorough cleaning, this can be carried out with complete peace of mind using more aggressive cleaning agents.

  • Hygienic


    Advantage 10/10

    Stone effect ceramic is a hygienic material that does not encourage the development of bacteria. It is non-perishable and non-absorbent, insulating and easy to clean and disinfect, it can therefore be installed in ambiances where hygiene is of fundamental importance such as schools, hospitals, public kitchens, and so on….

Jasper, Naturally Precious

Jasper is a collection of elegant and refined stone effect ceramic: why not compare it to a artwork or to a diamond casket? Novoceram staged the amazing choices of a thief followed by surveillance cameras.

Jasper Malt - Naturally Precious
Jasper Ivoire - Naturally Precious
Jasper Gris - Naturally Precious

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