• Porcelain stoneware
    terracotta effect

    A terracotta floor recalls the heat and scents of Mediterranean countries, transporting you on the wings of distant and forgotten sensations. The Novoceram range of terracotta-effect floors combines naturalness and the evocative power of the natural material with the resistance and practicality of new-generation ceramics.

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Our collection of

Piastrelle effetto Cotto

Terracotta effect tiles formats

Beside traditional sizes such as the 60x60, 45x45, 30x30cm; the following sizes are also available: 25x45, 30x60, 45x90cm.













Which terracotta effect porcelain stoneware suits your needs best?

Where would you like to install your cotto-effect ceramics? On the ground as floor or on the wall as cladding?

  • water-proof


    Advantage 1/11

    Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water. Cotto-effect ceramic can therefore be installed without fear of problems in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in a spa or even in a swimming-pool!

  • Scratch resistant

    Scratch resistant.

    Advantage 2/11

    In contrast to cotto, which is relatively wear and scratch-resistant, porcelain stoneware is one of the materials that offers the best performance in terms of scratch resistance.

  • Stain resistant

    Stain resistant

    Advantage 3/11

    Porcelain stoneware is a vitrified material with practically no porosity, which is resistant to virtually all attacks from chemicals: the stains do not penetrate, they remain on the surface and, even if they dry, they are easy to clean.

  • Frost-resistant


    Advantage 4/11

    Cotto-effect ceramic is completely resistant to frost and to adverse weather conditions and can be easily installed outdoors. However, it would be wise to select the most suitable product for the destination use on the basis of the anti-slip features, thickness and installation technique.

  • Resistant over time

    Resistant over time

    Advantage 5/11

    Ceramic is an extremely resistant inert material that does not undergo changes or deterioration over time.

  • Praticamente immutabile

    Does not crack

    Advantage 6/11

    Traditional cotto can be subject to cracks and slitting: if installed expertly and in the proper fashion, cotto-effect ceramic does not present problems of the kind.

  • Non richiede alcun trattamento

    Does not require treatment

    Advantage 7/11

    Contrary to traditional cotto, the cotto-effect porcelain stoneware does not require any surface treatment.

  • It’s environmentally friendly

    It’s environmentally friendly

    Advantage 8/11

    The items are produced in accordance with an environmentally friendly production procedure and in complete compliance with a certified environmental management system. Novoceram endeavors to constantly better its system in order to reduce, day by day, the impact on the environment.

  • Ideale con il riscaldamento a pavimento

    Ideale con il riscaldamento a pavimento

    Advantage 9/11

    Il Grès Porcellanato è perfettamente compatibile con il riscaldamento a pavimento. La sua grande conducibilità termica permette infatti un ottimo rendimento dell'installazione, nettamente superiore a quello della maggior parte degli altri materiali isolanti, che creano invece una sorta di barriera al passaggio del calore.

  • Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Can be cleaned with aggressive products

    Advantage 10/11

    If, when carrying out daily maintenance of the porcelain stoneware, the use of some warm water is sufficient, when it becomes necessary to perform a deeper more thorough cleaning, this can be carried out with complete peace of mind using more aggressive cleaning agents.

  • It’s hygienic

    It’s hygienic

    Advantage 11/11

    Cotto-effect ceramic is a hygienic material that does not encourage the development of bacteria. It is non-perishable and non-absorbent, insulating and easy to clean and disinfect, it can therefore be installed in ambiances where hygiene is of fundamental importance such as schools, hospitals, public kitchens, and so on….

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