• The Ceramic Wood

    Everyone has walked on a Ceramic Wood once in his life, maybe without realizing they actually were tiles. But what is this Wood Effect Ceramic? It’s a covering made of Colored in Body Porcelain Stoneware which combines the aesthetic effect of wood with all the advantages of ceramic!

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Parquet Effect Ceramic

The formats of Parquet Effect Ceramic

Besides the most common formats 45x45 and 60x60, the latest technological innovations allow Novoceram to produce large rectangular sizes similar to strip parquet such as 20x120, 15x90 and 22.5x90cm.










Noa Plein-Air

The different Types of Ceramic Wood

All the technical qualities of ceramics are combined with the visual effect of wood –the veining, the warm colours and the great variability – and its special consistency, so pleasant to the touch. The Ceramic Parquet perfectly reproduces the different types of natural wood.

Which Ceramic Wood is better for you?

Where do you want to lay your Ceramic Parquet? Outdoors, on the terrace or in the garden, or indoors, in your living room, kitchen or bathroom? Discover the most suitable Ceramic Wood for each of your rooms.

Indoor tiles
Indoor tiles


Outdoor tiles
Outdoor tiles

NoaNoa Plein-Air Tablon

  • No fear of water

    No fear of water!

    Advantage 1/16

    Porcelain Stoneware does not absorb water. Then Parquet Effect Ceramic can be posed in damp rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, spa or even swimming–pools.

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  • Great resistance to wear and scratches

    Great resistance to wear and scratches

    Advantage 2/16

    While natural wood is usually quite delicate and suffers from wear and tear, frequent trampling and objects falling, Ceramic Wood is one of the most resistant materials to wear and scratches.

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  • No stains

    No stains!

    Advantage 3/16

    Colored in Body Porcelain Stoneware is a vitrified material not that porous, which means it can resist to almost any chemical stress. Regardless of the essence of wood reproduced, the stains can’t penetrate, they rest on the surface and even if they dry out, you can easily rub them out.

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  • Don't worry about heat

    Don’t worry about heat!

    Advantage 4/16

    Ceramic Wood perfectly resists to flames, it is non–combustible; there is no risk of darkening due to the contact with hot objects. What’s more, protracted exposure to the sun will not damage it, nor fade its colour or alter its surface..

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  • Ne craint pas le gel, ni les intempéries, ni les UV

    It is frost and weather resistant

    Advantage 5/16

    Ceramic wood is totally frost resistant and weather-proof: it can be used outdoors with no problems. Just make sure that, in terms of thickness and surface finish, you have chosen the right product for your intended use.

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  • Resistance over time

    Resistance over time

    Advantage 6/16

    Porcelain Stoneware is an inert and extremely resistant material. It does not suffer from time going by, assuming you have chosen the right Ceramic Wood for your Intended Use (have a look at the recommendations by UPEC).

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  • Almost Immutable

    Almost Immutable

    Advantage 7/16

    Parquet Effect Ceramic, as all the other top of the range Porcelain Stoneware, remains the same over many years: it won’t darken nor lighten and it won’t lose its colour or its finish; that’s why is so important to choose the right Ceramic Wood from the very beginning!

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  • No other treatments are required

    No other treatments are required!

    Advantage 8/16

    Wood Effect Porcelain Stoneware does not require the application of waxes, oils or other varnishes for protection or vitrification, nor the use of sander or similar tools! Ceramic Wood By Novoceram is labelled A+, which means it is completely inert and it will not reject any pollutant.

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  • Aesthetic result under control

    Aesthetic result under control

    Advantage 9/16

    Ceramic Wood has almost the same variations of natural wood (Napami has more than 60 different looks), but when you choose Parquet Effect Ceramic you perfectly know the final outcome, that is, you have the full control on the final aesthetic effect of your floor covering.

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  • Opportunity to choose rare and exclusive essences

    Opportunity to choose rare and exclusive essences!

    Advantage 10/16

    While some wood essences have unaffordable prices, Ceramic Wood prices do not depend on the rarity of the essence chosen. We can reproduce any type of essences and colorings, the most rare ones and even the varieties of natural wood which couldn’t be used as floor or wall covering.

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  • any type of surface treatment, even rare or difficult ones

    It can reproduce any type of surface treatment, even rare or difficult ones.

    Advantage 11/16

    Porcelain stoneware can reproduce the old natural wood with the typical patina of passing time, natural wood treated with varnish, recycled wood with stains, cracks and dents, even wood that has been charred by fire...

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  • Eco-friendly


    Advantage 12/16

    « No single tree was torn down to produce your floor » except for the creation of the prototype, which anyway requires very little wood! We strive for continuous improvements in order to reduce our impact on the environment every day more (reduction of waste and scraps, installation of a wastewater treatment plant to recycle industrial water..)

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  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Advantage 13/16

    Regardless of the type of wood and appearance chosen, the daily cleaning of your tiles requires just a cloth and some hot water.

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  • Perfect with under-floor heating

    Perfect with under–floor heating

    Advantage 14/16

    Colored in Body Porcelain Stoneware is perfectly compatible with under–floor heating. Its thermal conductivity enables indeed a brilliant performance of your heating system, much better than the majority of other insulating materials, which create a sort of barrier to the heat transfer.

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  • You can clean it even with aggressive products

    You can clean it even with aggressive products

    Advantage 15/16

    While for the daily cleaning the Porcelain Stoneware requires just some hot water, you can go for a deeper cleaning using fearless also aggressive products.

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  • Hygienic


    Advantage 16/16

    The Ceramic Wood is an hygienic material which does not favour the development of bacteria. Rot–proof, impermeable, non–absorbent, insulating and easy to clean and disinfect, you can install it in public places such as schools, restaurants etc..

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A week-end with Ceramic Wood

A week-end with ceramic wood is a fotonovela that illustrates five of the many benefits of ceramic wood compared to the natural material that inspired it.

Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic!

A serie of animated GIFs, spontaneous and playful, inspired by the comics trip and dedicated to Ceramic Wood and its advantages.

Advantages of Ceramic Wood
Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic! - Napami Fumé
Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic! - Napami Grisé
Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic! - Napami Brossé
Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic! - Napami Tanné
Don’t panic, it’s Wood-Ceramic! - Napami Moiré

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