Novoceram Tiles Sizes

In recent years, the trend has moved more and more towards the use of large square shapes for floors and rectangular shapes for walls.
The size of the tiles contributes greatly to the aesthetic effect of the floor, which ends up less interrupted by grout joints and gives a sense of space to the room.

  • tiles 60x120

    60x120 tiles

    The 60x120 size of floor tiles suggests a sense of wide-open space, together with a very contemporary style.

  • Size 30x120

    Size 30x120

    Ideal for the wood effect ceramic, the 30x120 cm size listel makes the result even more realistic.

  • Tiles 20x120

    20x120 tiles

    The 20x120 size of floor tiles perfectly combines with ceramic parquet. Within a design collection, this kind of format brings a touch of elegance to your indoor environments.

  • Format 45x90

    45x90 tiles

    45x90 is a large size used above all for flooring large areas in prestigious civil and commercial construction projects.

  • Tiles 22,5x90

    22,5x90 tiles

    22.5x90 is a size used mainly in wood-effect tile collections, reproducing the large top-of-the-range contemporary parquet strips.

  • Tiles 15x90

    15x90 tiles

    In parquet-effect collections, the large 15x90 size tiles contribute to the illusion of walking on real top-of-the-range wood parquet strips.

  • tiles 75x75

    75x75 tiles

    The 75x75 size is useful to highlight the realisticness of the raw material which inspired the series and which cannot expressed its authenticity otherwise than a through a large surface.

  • tiles 60x60

    60x60 tiles

    A floor made of large 60x60 cm tiles makes any room up-to-date. Thanks to the rectified edges, minimum width grout joints can be used which do not interrupt the continuity of the surface and guarantee a great refinement.

  • tiles 30x60

    30x60 tiles

    Rectangular 30x60 cm tiles can be used either alone or in combination with the 60x60 size, on floors and - above all - on walls to play with shapes and colours to great effect.

  • Format 10x60

    10x60 tiles

    The 10x60 is a long and rectangular rectified size used for floors and walls, it can be combined in infinite flooring compositions.

  • tiles 45x45

    45x45 tiles

    45x45 is the main size in the entire Novoceram catalogue. It is easy to lay and extremely versatile and is suitable for rooms of any size and with many different technical and aesthetic requirements.

  • Tiles 22,5x45

    22,5x45 tiles

    Designed especially for walls, the 22.5x45 size provides perfect aesthetic continuity between floor and walls.

  • tiles 30x30

    30x30 tiles

    The preferred size of traditional ceramic and terracotta tiles, the 30x30 size is still widely used today in residential construction and for outdoor floors.

  • Tiles 20x20

    20x20 tiles

    Novoceram has dedicated two collections to this traditional size, which meet two specific needs of residential and commercial construction sites: the Iridium series and the Standard series.

  • Tiles 10x10

    10x10 tiles

    The 10x10 size is ideal for walls, especially for tiles behind kitchen units and for walls that are not perfectly straight.

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