Ceramic Tiles producer


Ceramic tiles producer since 1863

The history of Novoceram begins in 1863 in Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhône (26), a company that has always grown up and become one of the leading manufacturers in the French ceramic industry. Novoceram stands out thanks to the ambitious and concrete choices it makes when it comes to environmental issues, thanks to its innovative logistic system and thanks to its innate sense of design, embodied in its ceramic connections as well as when it organizes major events to convey its values.


Novoceram 1863
The company is established by Louis Boissonnet and the Établissements Boissonnet are founded for the production of ceramic art objects and glazed stoneware tableware
Novoceram 1881
The company expands thanks to the opening of a second factory for the production of fired porcelain, which distinguishes itself for the sophisticated products that are unequalled by any other company
Novoceram 1900
Silver medal at the Universal Exhibition for the allegorical vase « Le Rhône et la Saône » created by the sculptor Devaux
Novoceram 1918
Alexis, son of Louis Boissonnet, along with his brother-in-law Franciscos Quer, includes new ceramic products for architecture in the range
Novoceram 1931
At the death of Louis Boissonnet, his son Alexis becomes owner of the two factories
Novoceram 1934
Alexis is succeeded by his son Louis Boissonnet (who carries the name of his grandfather), who decides to abandon porcelain and address the factories’ production to ceramic tiles alone
Novoceram 1958
Société Novoceram is established: with 160 employees and a production output of 3 million m2. Novoceram is amongst the first manufacturers of ceramic tile in France
Novoceram 1956
The patent for the continuous single-firing kiln is registered
Novoceram 1962
The patent for the production of micro-mosaic made of stoneware is registered and in 1965 the hydraulic press patent is registered
Novoceram 1970
Jean-Louis Boissonnet takes the place of his father, Louis. The Établissements Baboin of Saint Vallier-sur-Rhône are purchased for storage and shipment; the company’s production output rises to 350.000 m² per year
Novoceram 1975
The patent for the ceramic body for the production of large sizes is registered
Novoceram 1980
Novoceram is first French manufacturer to install a complete line for rapid firing in a continuous kiln, with no manual intervention during the process
Novoceram 1981
The company focuses on the production of large sized ceramic floor tiles and gradually abandons small sized mosaics
Novoceram 1986
Novoceram takes over the production facilities of Villeroy&Boch a Bourg Saint Andéol(Ardèche)
Novoceram 1994
The first stone of the Céramiques de Chambplain production facilities of Laveyron is laid: an entirely automated factory that produces stoneware tile in sizes ranging from 15x15 cm to 42.5x42,5 cm, hence covering 6% of the French production of floor tiles and employing 160 staff members in three production sites
Novoceram 1995
Novoceram is the first French company to install a tile press with a pressing force of 2,500 tons and weight of 60 tons, as well as a 10-metre high dryer
Novoceram 2000
Novoceram becomes part of Gruppo Concorde that invests 30 million Euros in the complete renovation of the production facilities
Novoceram 2004
Novoceram concentrates its efforts on market repositioning and invests in the sales and marketing area; its range now includes sizes up to 60×60 cm
Novoceram 2007
The Ecolabel certification is obtained
Novoceram 2009
The ISO 9001 certification is obtained
Novoceram 2009
Label of the Observeur du Design for Très Jouy, Origine
Novoceram 2010
The ISO 14001 certification is obtained
Novoceram 2011
Cersaie Design Award for “The Passion Project” stand
Novoceram 2012
Etoile of the Observeur du Design for the Indoor Plus raised floor system for interiors
Novoceram 2013
Opening of the Caroscope, a multi-purpose space entirely dedicated to design and ceramics
Novoceram 2015
The ISO 50001 certification is obtained
Novoceram 2015
A 11000 m2 covered warehouse is built
Novoceram 2018
A 6000 m2 raw material warehouse is built



Established in 1863 in France, in the département of Drôme (26), Novoceram is an example of one hundred percent Made in France products. Part of an international group, but deeply rooted in its country of origin, the company is constantly committed to promoting French style and to investing and employing within the territory.

Charm & Culture

By interpreting the most current themes and trends with the typical French elegance and approach, Novoceram distinguishes itself by virtue of its captivating atmospheres, the attention paid towards details and the unmistakable harmony of classical and contemporary elements.


Since 1863, Novoceram has never stopped manufacturing its products in France and investing in cutting edge production facilities and technology. Today, all products are manufactured in the production facilities of Laveyron, with the exception of the 90 and 120 sized products, which are manufactured at other Gruppo Concorde production facilities in Italy.


Novoceram has always put direct relationships with customers first, thanks to an extensive network of sales executives, a dedicated promotion office in France and abroad, and to continuous activities for increasing business opportunities for customers.

Environment & Quality

Quality and respect for the environment are two core values of Novoceram, as demonstrated by the environmental policy, the life cycle of products and the important quality certifications obtained over the years.

The Novoceram universe is made not only of products but also of events, in which ceramic solutions become the ingredients of a perfect blend of emotion and design. Exhibitions, trade fairs, showrooms, and also unconventional moments such as temporary shops, cultural events and special meetings become the chance to build unique scenes and offer visitors unforgettable moments that tell the tale of the Maison’s philosophy.

Novoceram combines a dynamic, innovative spirit with a more than one hundred-year-old history in ceramic art. This allows the company to offer elegant and refined collections on the market, which combine attention not only to continuous innovation but also to trends in contemporary design together with the experience derived from tradition. Novoceram represents the values of French elegance through products that constitute a synthesis between stylistic research and technological innovation.