Marble effect tiles

Marble is the noble stone par excellence: for centuries now, it has been used in the decoration of both private homes and public buildings; be it inside or outside, on the floors or on walls. Marble slabs were on the floors of Roman domus and paved the forecourts and naves of cathedrals. It is a luxurious and precious material (especially when cut in large format), very expensive and poses some constraints in terms of maintenance. Marble effect tiles are an ideal solution, since they combine the technical advantages of ceramics (white body and, even more so, porcelain stoneware) with a very faithful reproduction of the different types of marble, down to the smallest detail.

What is marble effect ceramic?

The marble effect tile designed by Novoceram is a charming and versatile material that can be used to cover floors and walls of hotels, offices, restaurants, public buildings, but also private houses as it is UPEC certified by the CSTB. Like natural marble, marble look tiles are not afraid of water, but unlike the stone wherefrom it is inspired, the marble look tile is not afraid of chemicals and acids does not get stained. From the aesthetic point of view, the marble imitation ceramic perfectly reproduces the veins, the nuances, as well as the graphic and chromatic effects of different traditional marbles, in an unbeatable way. The marble look of even the rarest, most precious or most delicate marbles, in terms of maintenance and use, can be reproduced on the surface of porcelain stoneware tiles, thereby combining aesthetics with its unmatched technical properties. Novoceram’s collections of marble imitation tiles are therefore high-end products offered at an affordable price.


Marble effect ceramic tiles can be used on floors and walls inside the house. Marble effect porcelain tile with a polished finish and therefore a glossy appearance will be more prone to scratches from foot traffic and furniture and opaque stains on its surface (such as halos) will be more visible. Polished tiles cannot be UPEC certified, so they cannot be guaranteed by the CSTB for any use. Polished tiles have no certification of slip resistance (DIN 51130 and DIN 51097 certification). Novoceram recommends that shiny and polished tiles be rather used on the wall and in rooms where the traffic is less frequent, as well as in all the destinations of use for which a specific resistance to slipping is not required, as for example the bedrooms. White marble-effect tiles are only suitable for tiling walls.

On the other hand, marble effect tiles in matte porcelain stoneware can be UPEC certified and can obtain a certification of slip resistance (DIN 51130 and DIN 51097 certification), so it is possible to determine the destinations of use indicated by the CSTB.

Marble effect covering

The matte marble effect tile can decorate floors and walls in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, shower, living room and entrance halls and can also be laid in public areas without fear (if the UPEC certification is adequate).
In the kitchen and bathroom, in particular, marble effect tiles are a better choice compared to natural stone. Marble, regardless of its type, is a calcareous stone that fears acidic substances: it can get stained when in contact with vinegar or lemon juice, for example, whereas porcelain stoneware and ceramics in general are not afraid of acidic attacks and even aggressive chemicals.


The range of marble effect tiles available at Novoceram includes the most used types in architecture and interior design. They are mainly white marbles:

  • Arabescato marble effect tile: Arabescato marble is a typical marble from the Carrara area, which is very elegant and refined, and is used in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles for example. Novoceram’s imitation marble tile reproduces its dark veins that draw the “arabeschi” (arabesques) from which the stone takes its name.

  • Calacatta marble imitation tile: Calacatta marble is very luminous and has an ivory white background decorated with gray or beige colored veins of medium width.

  • Michelangelo marble imitation tile: Michelangelo marble is a very light, almost white, marble with subtle veins.

  • Statuario marble imitation tile: Like the Michelangelo marble, this is an almost white marble and is mainly used for sculpture.


Marble look tiles are available in a wide range of sizes and offer the possibility of creating different floor and wall layouts. Whether large, small, square or rectangular or in mosaic, the marble effect tile will dress your spaces with its nobility. You can choose between: Marble effect tile in large format such as 60×120 cm or the 80×80 cm. Although the natural stone in large format can be very expensive and difficult to locate, the imitation marble tile in large format offers good technical performance and a price that is generally more affordable.

Mosaic made from marble effect tiles: these mosaics are supplied in slabs glued to the net, which makes them easier and quicker to put/lay. The mosaic will enable you to tile curved surfaces as well. Thanks to different and precious materials that can be inserted among the slats (such as tiles embellished with golden metals), marble effect mosaics will make your walls unique.

It is also possible to choose a rectangular format such as the 60×120 cm or the 8×80 cm. The listels in porcelain stoneware imitation marble allow original and bold layouts.


Marble-effect porcelain stoneware

Besides its respect for the environment, the marble-effect porcelain stoneware combines the technical characteristics of ceramics with the aesthetics of marble. Moreover, marble made of ceramic allows a total control of the result guaranteeing constancy (impossible in nature) of the nuance, veining, and tone on every tile.

Novoceram guarantees that its marble look tiles are extremely resistant to wear and scratches, unlike some natural stones that can sometimes be less effective against this factor. Visually, the imitation stone tile perfectly replicates its original model while offering excellent performance in terms of resistance.



Marble-effect tiles are hygienic and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria because they are non-perishable, waterproof and non-absorbent. They are easy to clean and disinfect because they are not affected by even the most aggressive chemicals: they can be used in schools, hospitals, etc.

Does not stain

Thanks to the almost zero porosity of their surface, porcelain stoneware and white glazed ceramics are very resistant to stains and can be cleaned even with aggressive chemicals.

Aesthetic design aspect

Ceramic marble can reproduce all the varieties of this natural stone: there is total control over the final aesthetics because each tile will be the result of a careful and mastered design.


Marble-effect tiles are produced with respect for the environment, the health of Novoceram employees and end users. Novoceram is the first French company to be certified ISO 17889-1, an international standard that confirms its commitment to the environment.

Easy to clean

Ceramic marble is very easy to clean with a cloth and water and will not be stained by acidic substances (such as vinegar or lemon juice)

Does not fear aggressive cleaners

For a more thorough cleaning, your marble effect tile is not affected by aggressive cleaning agents.


Can marble-effect ceramic tiles be installed in any room of the house?

Marble-effect tile displays the charm and texture of the material from which it was inspired while avoiding the technical constraints which natural stone can pose. The technical properties of ceramic marble make this material the ideal floor and wall covering for every purpose; from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living room to the hallway.

How do I care for marble tiles?

Marble imitation tiles do not require any special or time-consuming treatment. Porcelain stoneware and white glazed ceramic tiles are naturally non-absorbent surfaces.

Is marble look tile ecologically friendly?

Novoceram adopts a strict environmental policy: marble effect tiles, like all Novoceram products, have a low impact on the environment in every phase of their production cycle, as proven by the important product and company certifications obtained over the years and certified by the independent certification body DNV.

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