Large format tiles

The increase in tile size is one of the most important trends in the ceramic sector in recent years. Large tiles change the perception of tiling, both in terms of the impact of the large surface area available for the representation of the decorative material on the single tile, and in terms of the sharp reduction in the optical division of the entire floor thanks to the reduction in the number of joints. Moreover, the most traditional materials, such as stone and cement, also find a completely new interpretation in large tiles and each collection opens up an infinite range of aesthetic possibilities.

Our large ceramic tiles collections

Why are large porcelain tiles a trend in interior design?

Large format porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly popular and are taking centre stage in terms of interior design. These sizes are mainly recommended for spacious environments, where the impression of space and volume is accentuated by the reduction of optical obstructions due to the grouting. The large tile is not only purely aesthetic and contemporary due to its dimensions, but also due to its multiple aesthetic effects. Concrete or design effects, among others, combined with these large dimensions form the ultimate in contemporary design. Every room can find a suitable floor or wall covering from the Novoceram collections that complements and enhances the atmosphere.

The various colours and aesthetic aspects of large format tiles

The choice of tiles is a decisive element in interior design. Novoceram offers a range of large tiles with different effects, each of which defines a particular and unique style.

Current trends give pride of place to stone and wood, two particularly popular natural materials that make living rooms more elegant and inviting respectively. Both materials are able to create a play of reliefs, as the surface of the large tile contains even the most characteristic details of these materials. The imperfections of stone and its more than assumed character as well as the veins and warmth of wood decorate porcelain stoneware in a realistic way.

Secondly, concrete effect tiles, with their raw look, bring a different style to the home or outdoor space. It offers character to any environment and a more vintage colouring that echoes the workshops of the industrial revolution. In addition, large format tiles, thanks to their size, provide an optimal basis for demonstrating the full aesthetic characteristics of concrete.

Some collections offer inimitable aesthetic effects that result from a mixture of materials from here and there and form a design effect. Among their sometimes more sober aspects, other large-format tiles adorned with cheerful and colourful patterns bring a touch of fantasy to be used without moderation, on walls for example, for a cheerful interior.

The colour palette of the large format tile includes rather sober colours, ranging from lighter to darker shades. Black large format tiles give your home a unique and original character and their large surface area emphasises the depth of their shades. The large grey tile can be combined wonderfully with white large format tiles for an elegant and fresh result.

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