Hexagonal tile

Matt or shiny, the hexagonal porcelain stoneware tile is, nowadays, one of the trendiest tiles which is highly appreciated by decoration enthusiasts. With the little maintenance it requires, this tile is indeed the ideal choice for your bathroom or kitchen.

What is a hexagonal tile?

Hexagonal tiles were originally made of terracotta. Now it is also made of porcelain stoneware which is more efficient and resistant. Today, hexagonal tiles are available in different colors and patterns, allowing anyone to find the piece that best suits them, thus enabling them to create an interior design to their taste. Regardless of whether you opt for natural stone or wood effect hexagonal tiles, they will bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your home. Being resistant to wear, impact and moisture, hexagonal porcelain tile is ideal for decorating your bathroom or kitchen. However, you will find that this type of flooring requires a significant number of joints since it has 6 corners.

Hexagonal tiles: a decoration for this era

Synonymous with elegance and modernity, hexagonal tiles have a specific hexagonal shape with 6 sides that will allow you to let your imagination run wild by creating different decorative combinations. If you choose hexagonal tiles with a clear shade and place them on the floor, you will bring more light into your room. Generally, this type of tile is mainly used in a bathroom as a floor covering. It can also be used as a wall covering on the walls of the shower since it has excellent moisture resistance. With 6 sides, this tile is very popular as it allows you to create unique wall or floor coverings. Known for its authenticity, aesthetics and incredible elegance, it will be perfect to make your home more contemporary.

Currently, there are various styles of hexagonal tiles so that everyone can find the one that will fit perfectly in their interior such as:

  • The neo-retro tile
  • The aged terracotta
  • The geometric tile
  • The imitation wood tiles
  • Cement effect terracotta tiles
  • Design tiles

Why opt for hexagonal terracotta effect tiles?

Dalle hexagonal

If you want to go for hexagonal terracotta effect tiles, you will easily recognize it thanks to its red ochre or terracotta color. Most of the time, you can find this type of flooring in a living room or in a kitchen. It will give a Provencal touch to your decoration, and this effect will be accentuated if your room has a relatively large surface. Regardless of whether you want to renovate a traditional or recent home, hexagonal terracotta tiles will bring a rustic touch to your interior. If you want to modernize your interior design, we recommend that you choose a more contemporary or neutral color, such as white, gray or black. When flooring your kitchen, it is important to choose a hexagonal tile that can resist stains and is easy to maintain. That is why we recommend that you choose porcelain stoneware hexagonal tiles, which are much more suitable for this room in the house.

How to choose your hexagonal tiles according to the room of your house?

If you want to add a touch of modernity to your home by installing hexagonal tiles, then it is necessary for you to know which rooms will be most suitable for this type of flooring.


With its graphic and authentic look, hexagonal tiles are the ideal tile choice for your kitchen. Indeed, it can be set on the wall as well as on the floor of your kitchen. Generally, it is used as a credenza in your kitchen; in other words, it will be placed on the wall where your gas stove or your cooking plates are located. Thus, it protects your wall from any stains that may be deposited when you cook. Moreover, it brings a graphic touch to your kitchen and makes it more modern. This type of tile is easy to maintain and very resistant to impact or moisture, thus making it the ideal covering for this part of your home. To clean it, you simply need a sponge to remove any stains. When selecting the perfect hexagonal tile, you will have the option of choosing a model that matches the color of your wall, or you can choose a color that will stand out more and contrast with the color of your wall. This type of flooring is also available with patterns, which will enhance your interior decor and make a strong statement with its style. If your kitchen is open to your living room, you can install it over your floor to create a true geometric effect by combining the two styles.


Whether it’s for the floor of your bathroom or your walk-in shower, hexagonal tiles are the ideal floor covering because of their strong waterproof properties. You can then have fun and create a graphic game by combining two colors that match well, which will make your interior decoration even more unique.


Being truly trendy, tile is that element that must be included in your bathroom design to make it more contemporary. By combining hexagonal tiles on the floor with paint on the wall, you will create a harmonious atmosphere in your restroom. This room will be as stylish and trendy as the rest of the rooms in your home.

Which hexagonal tile material should I choose?

If you wish to lay hexagonal tiles on the floor or walls of your home, you will need to consider which material will be most suitable for the room in question. Indeed, there are currently various tile materials that will suit your interior. To choose the material that will suit you best, it will be necessary to pay special attention to the wear and resistance of your hexagonal tiles.


With its superb aesthetics, cement effect hexagonal tiles will revive the decoration of your room and bring a touch of modernity to your interior. With this type of tile, you can create your dream interior design and showcase your taste and personality. Whether you choose to put it in your kitchen, bathroom or dining room, hexagonal cement effect tiles will fit perfectly in your home. It is also very durable, so you can enjoy it for a long time, if you maintain it regularly.


Being ultra-resistant to wear and scratches, hexagonal ceramic tiles are ideal for covering the walls and floors of your home. With its excellent waterproofing and high resistance to heat, it will be suitable for all rooms in your home. This type of tile is also known to be durable, which is an important criterion when selecting the perfect flooring. Being easy to clean, you can then choose to install it in your kitchen as well as in your bathroom. Generally, porcelain tile is recommended when you want to install underfloor heating. With its frost and weather resistant quality, it can also be used to decorate an outdoor terrace, if it is adequately slip resistant.


Popular for being the oldest tile material, terracotta effect hexagonal tiles will bring character to your room with its rather rustic look. With its beautiful terracotta color, this type of flooring is also highly appreciated because it is very easy to maintain, since it does not require any specific treatment unlike terracotta tiles.

Natural stone

While maintaining a raw and natural aesthetic, the natural stone effect tiles can convey a travertine effect, marble effect, granite effect or slate effect floor. When selecting and installing the latter, you can choose between various finishes and thicknesses in order to achieve the desired result. Depending on the type of hexagonal stone look tile you opt for, it can be laid both indoors and outdoors (provided it is adequately slip resistant). This tile can also be placed on a wall or on a floor, depending on your wishes.

How to maintain hexagonal tiles?

Like most porcelain tiles, hexagonal tiles are easy to maintain. Regardless of the color you choose, all you need to do is wipe the tiles with a damp cloth to remove any stains that may have settled on them. To maintain it well, you can also use the same mild products you use in cleaning your home. In order to prevent stains from hardening and leaving lasting marks on your floor or wall, it is strongly recommended to clean your tiles on a regular basis.

If you want to clean your floor, we advise you to use a specific product that will thoroughly clean all the tiles and deteriorated joints. Afterwards, you will surely notice that some stubborn stains will remain. To remove them, you can use more aggressive products of professional brand.

Hexagonal tiles

Frequently asked questions regarding hexagonal tiles

How to adopt hexagonal tiles in the kitchen?

Primarily used in traditional or contemporary style kitchens, hexagonal tiles are ideal for updating your kitchen decor. By adding extra tiles on each side, you will create a real honeycomb. If you want to give a Moroccan or Mediterranean touch to your kitchen, hexagonal patterned tiles are ideal.

Is hexagonal tile compatible with underfloor heating?

If you have electric or hydraulic floor heating, you can install porcelain stoneware tiles. With its excellent inertia, stoneware tiles will optimally diffuse heat.

Are hexagonal tiles trendy?

Hexagonal tiles are very trendy and can be used as both wall and floor tiles. In order to make your interior trendy, we recommend you to choose the more modern hexagonal porcelain tile.

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