Bali stone imitation tile

For the tiling of your pool, the Bali stone effect tiles are a practical, as well as an aesthetic choice. Being super trendy, this ceramic stone will immediately make your outdoor area look like paradise and will offer you many advantages. How to choose the model that best suits your needs? Why choose the Bali stone look tile for your pool? Novoceram presents this superb tile in all its details!

What is Bali stone?

The Bali stone is an elegant natural stone which is also known as “Green Sukabumi”. In Indonesia, where it originates, Bali stone has been used for building sacred temples and designing Indonesian statues. Today, this astonishing lava stone is mainly used to dress the pools of large hotels or private individuals. Its unique colors, ranging from sky blue to emerald green, instantly bring a luxurious feel to an indoor or outdoor space. This trendy stone is increasingly sought after in every corner of the world, especially by decoration enthusiasts.

The Green Sukabumi mineral stone is typical of the Balinese landscape. Its refined and delicate appearance is undoubtedly reminiscent of the the Indonesian volcanic island, its lush forests and transparent waters. If you look closely, you can even distinguish the peculiarities of this natural stone through its nuances of color and irregularities. Being very charming, the authentic Bali stone, however, remains relatively difficult to access, be it in terms of rarity or price. If you still want to enjoy the charm of this product, without its drawbacks, Novoceram offers a porcelain stoneware tile imitating Bali stone. This high quality porcelain stoneware tile perfectly imitates the authenticity of the Green Sukabumi, while being stronger than the original stone.

Why choose the Bali stone imitation tiles?

The Bali stone effect tile has some undeniable advantages besides its extraordinary aesthetics. Firstly, its surface is non-slip, which is exactly what is needed for pool surroundings. By installing Novoceram Bali stone effect ceramic tiles around your in-ground pool, you and your family will be able to get in and out of the water safely.

Bali stone effect tiles offer interesting characteristics in terms of resistance. This is particularly useful if you intend to place heavy objects on your tiles such as deckchairs, flower pots or even a barbecue. Moreover, ceramic is a material that cannot be damaged be it by either pool salt or snow. This means that it is not subject to the formation of moss or dark stains.

If you choose an Bali stone imitation tile, you will find a wide selection at Novoceram. Usually made from glazed porcelain stoneware, imitation tiles have other advantages for your pool area, such as price or material strength. By opting for this tile, you will enjoy all the beauty of the lagoon colors of Bali stone, while enhancing its durability.

Bali stone pool tiles

Installing a Bali stone imitation tiles is also a strategic choice for your budget since products in this category can be up to two times cheaper than natural Bali stone, while standing the test of time better. To the naked eye, you will not distinguish the differences between natural Bali stone and the imitation stone tiles.

Whether it is natural or imitation, you should note that Bali stone is always offered in several sizes. Whatever the surface you want to cover, this type of tile is usually offered in large rectangular (30×60 cm, etc.) or strip (10×60 cm) sizes. It is up to you to decide what tile dimension you prefer.

Bali stone effect tiles: how to choose?

To choose the right Bali stone effect tile, you must first identify the characteristics of the space you want to equip. Swimming pool, terrace or bathroom, all these indoor or outdoor surfaces are perfectly suited to the installation of a Bali stone tile.

Bali stone imitation tiles
Bali stone effect tiles
Bali stone look tiles

Swimming pool

For the tiling of a swimming pool, Bali stone effect tiles are an ideal choice, be it for technical or aesthetic reasons. With its anti-slip properties and its sublime emerald reflections, it will satisfy you down to the smallest detail. Its paradisiac colors will allow you to enjoy a pool with an upscale and soothing look, on par with the greatest luxury spas. The Bali stone look tiles will give you the impression of diving into the most beautiful Indonesian lagoons from your home. Your pool will bring a certain charm to your exterior.

Outdoor pools

Why choose Bali stone effect tiles for your pool area?

Bali stone effect tiles are primarily used to dress and decorate outdoor pools, especially because of their unique natural colors. Its heavenly orange and green reflections can indeed convey a Balinese look to any clear water. By laying a Bali stone effect tile at the bottom of your pool and around the edges, you will enjoy a lining worthy of the most beautiful Balinese infinity pools. To help you make your choice, Novoceram reveals all the secrets of this attractive Bali stone imitation tile.


By choosing the Bali stone look tile for your bathroom, you will be bringing a nice vacation touch to your home. Regardless of whether you want to cover the floor of a walk-in shower or dress up the walls of your bathroom, this stone should definitely satisfy you. Its warm colors will also make your room a real cocoon for you and your family.


Bali stone effect tiles are not only suitable for swimming pools and water rooms in your home. Your terrace, or even your garden paths, can also benefit from a covering made from this unique material. A Bali stone effect tile will blend perfectly with exteriors that are both sober and exotic. Due to the sturdiness of this type of flooring, you can also easily place a garden lounge on it without fear of damaging it.

Novoceram: high quality tiles made in France

Since 1863, Novoceram has been offering ceramic products that perfectly combine modernity and quality. The majority of our ceramic collections are designed and created in France to guarantee a safe and local manufacturing process. Although our company has become one of the most important in the ceramic sector, we have always preserved our values and our ecological ambitions over the years.

For floor and wall coverings, Novoceram offers you durable solutions to dress your home. Being trendy and elegant, our collections of tiles will enable you to personalize the different spaces of your property according to your desires. For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail; we will assist you in your interior or exterior flooring project.

Frequently asked questions regarding the Bali stone effect tiles

What is a Bali stone imitation tile made of?

Affordable and robust, the ceramic Bali stone is made of porcelain stoneware. This material is a superb alternative to natural stone as it perfectly imitates its mineral nuances. Its patterns will give you a perfect illusion and a unique design for your pool, your bathroom or your terrace. Apart from its overall aesthetics, porcelain stoneware (a mixture of quartz, feldspar and clay) is also a very resistant material to UV, scratches, heat, frost and more. A premium tile choice!

How to lay the Bali stone imitation tile?

For outdoor use, Bali stone look tiles should be installed in mild weather. However, we advise you to call on professionals to lay on your Novoceram tiles. Indeed, many constraints and other technical subtleties (waterproofing, irregularities, etc.) can damage the quality of your porcelain stoneware tiles during its installation. This delicate task can therefore be carried out by tilers near you. Their know-how and experience will ensure a successful result for your pool.

How to clean Bali stone effect tiles?

Bali stone effect tiles can simply be cleaned with a neutral soap. This will allow you to remove residual dirt without damaging the material. To clean your Bali stone effect porcelain tiles, simply rub the tiles with a sponge or a cloth. We recommend regular cleaning to keep your tiles at its best appearance.

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