Concrete effect Tiles

Tiles inspired by natural or waxed concrete floors constitute a set of products within the context of the Novoceram range that vary from decidedly elegant effects to interpretations of an urban or industrial nature. Full of material effects and generally offered in neutral colours like greys and beige, they help to give the space a minimal or contemporary character.

Our cement look tile collections

What is concrete effect porcelain stoneware?

The technical qualities of cement effect tiles allow them to be installed in all environments, indoors or outdoors. This means that each of your spaces can be fitted with concrete effect tiles on the floor or walls. Novoceram uses advanced technologies and perfectly reproduces the aesthetic effects of cement, from its colours to its most characteristic shades. This variety in terms of appearance makes cement effect porcelain stoneware suitable for all configurations and decorations. In this way, this product is the result of the right balance between the aesthetics of concrete and the durability and functionality of tiles. In other words, imitation concrete tiles have become a must-have for modern, designer spaces.

What are the differences between imitation cement tiles and cement effect porcelain stoneware?

Although they are made of the same material, the two effects offer very different aesthetic aspects. First of all, imitation cement tiles refer to the aesthetics of concrete as a building material. It therefore reproduces the rough, sanded or waxed effects of cement as well as the grey tones that characterise it. Thus, imitation concrete tiles help to create an industrial and sober atmosphere. On the other hand, cement tile effect tiles replicate traditional cement tiles and their patterns and offer a more retro style. The colourful designs of these cement tiles can liven up your space and add a touch of fun to it.


Concrete is particularly suitable for interiors with a sober and elegant look to reinforce this fine atmosphere. Thanks to its technical properties, concrete effect porcelain tiles can be used in all rooms of the house. This is because concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is highly resistant to moisture and water, which is an important feature in rooms with a high level of humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen. So there is no need to deprive the floor and walls of damp rooms of a concrete effect tile, which will give them a refined, clean look. Other rooms in the house, such as the bedroom or living room, can also adopt a modern, urban look thanks to concrete effect tiles, which add a contemporary and unique touch.

Cement imitation tiles can also be laid outdoors, as they meet all the technical requirements that outdoor environments can pose. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are thus blurred to create an aesthetic harmony. In addition, Novoceram has also developed the cement effect tile in the Outdoor Plus range, which contains 2 cm thick tiles and allows other types of installation than the traditional method of glue on screed. From now on, your outdoor spaces can be covered with imitation concrete porcelain stoneware and fall in line with the ultra-modern trend, while at the same time offering the comfort needed for terraces and gardens, for example, which call for relaxation.

This strength of character and the tones of the concrete-look tiles give an exceptional design to all your spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. By opting for cement effect porcelain tiles, you invite elegance into your home, and the collections offer a minimalist look to your bedroom, living room, terrace or bathroom.


Novoceram has studied different types of concrete to better understand the material. In this way, the reproduction of cement is very realistic and offers a result that is more real than life. Moreover, thanks to this aesthetic variety, cement effect tiles blend perfectly with all styles of decoration, from the most modern to the most traditional.

Concrete effect tiles interpret all the nuances that define the surface of cement, whether it is minimal or raw. The latest technology available today replicates the richly detailed surface of all types of cement on porcelain stoneware tiles.

Waxed concrete, often found in minimalist and industrial decorations, is also part of the imitation cement tile collections that Novoceram produces. There are many possibilities between old and modern cement, spatulated or even industrial to evoke a typical loft or workshop atmosphere, which is very much in vogue at the moment.

Rough Cement Tiles effect

Rustic Cement

Petitot Ecru 60x60

Ancient Cement

Domus Taupe 45x45

Minimal Cement

Vertige Gris 45x45

Waxed Concrete

Ciment Ivoire 75x75

Industrial Cement

Zen Lin 60x60

Spatulated Cement


Concrete effect tiles replicate the visual elements that characterise cement with extreme precision and nothing is left out. The attention to detail includes even the subtle scratches and cracks that are the essence of concrete. As styles inspired by lofts, workshops and industrial buildings are in vogue, the choice of imitation cement porcelain stoneware is an obvious one!

The neutral and sober appearance of cement effect tiles comes to life in the light with its unrivalled soft colours. Indeed, under its cool tones, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware reveals delicate reflections and the play of cracks that bring out its nuanced appearance and industrial characteristics. Imitation concrete tiles are often associated with more contemporary, modern and minimalist styles of decoration because they bring a touch of design and elegance. Simple furnishings and sober accessories combine perfectly with cement tiles to create a natural, uncluttered environment.

However, you can also let your imagination run wild to create more surprising designs that reflect your personality. It is possible to insert imitation concrete porcelain stoneware into a more traditional or classic decoration. In this case, the timelessness of cement will dress your floor or walls while maintaining its elegance. Imitation cement tiles can be used in all types of decoration and can skilfully combine both contemporary and traditional styles.

The colours available are inspired by the natural texture of cement. Cement effect tiles are available in light and dark tones, but often in cooler shades. For example, the creation of an urban style space can be enhanced by a grey concrete effect tile, which brings sobriety and purity. On the other hand, if the emphasis is on brightness and clarity, the right choice would be to opt for beige concrete effect tiles which, even with cooler shades, bring out the natural light in all types of spaces. Dark colours such as taupe or black give power to the floor or walls and the cement surface brings that strength of character for a modern and unique look.


Novoceram’s concrete-look tiles come in a variety of formats, all of which are sure to enhance any space according to its own characteristics. The choice includes:

  • Small format concrete effect tiles, such as 30×30 cm. This format is suitable for small areas in the bathroom or kitchen, for example. This is because it is perfectly suited to more complicated installations that include sinks, for example, and cement effect porcelain stoneware can protect your walls with its technical properties while giving them a modern, designer touch.
  • Cement effect tiles in medium format are the most sought-after because they enhance all interior and exterior spaces, regardless of their size. The 60×60 concrete effect tile is therefore the most commonly chosen and delights every room in the house.
Large format imitation cement tiles

Large format imitation waxed concrete tiles that include 80×80 cm, 90×90 cm and even 120×120 cm. These sizes are unquestionably the most suitable for bringing a modern design to life. The reduction of the joint lines and the size of the imitation cement tiles create an optical illusion and enlarge the space in no time. For those who like to decorate in an industrial workshop style, the chic and modern result is guaranteed!

What are the advantages of imitation concrete porcelain stoneware?

Cement-look tiles combine the aesthetics of cement with the technical properties of porcelain stoneware. The many advantages of ceramic tiles will convince many to adopt them permanently.

First of all, although imitation concrete tiles reproduce the texture of cement and therefore its slight cracking effects, porcelain stoneware does not crumble or crack. In the same way, it is also highly resistant to wear and scratches and is therefore perfectly suited for installation in a high-traffic area.

Secondly, cement-effect porcelain stoneware is resistant to the passage of time and thus becomes a witness to it while retaining its original appearance. Even if it is laid outdoors, the aesthetics of concrete effect tiles will not deteriorate because they are highly resistant to weathering and frost. In addition, UV rays from the sun do not lighten the surface. In other words, it is perfectly suited for outdoor installation.

Finally, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is environmentally friendly because it is designed and produced in an environmentally friendly way. Moreover, this material is inert and does not release any toxic substances, such as volatile organic compounds, into the air.

To discover the other advantages of concrete effect tiles



Does not fear water

Porcelain stoneware does not absorb water. The cement effect ceramics can therefore be installed in a humid room like the kitchen, the bathroom, a spa or even a swimming-pool!



Great resistance to wear and scratches

Contrary to cement, which is relatively poorly resistant to wear and scratches, porcelain stoneware is one of the materials offering the best performances from this point of view.




Porcelain stoneware is a vitrified material with basically no porosity which virtually resists to all chemical attacks: stains do not penetrate, they remain only on the surface and, even if already dried, they are still easy to remove.



Does not fear frost nor adverse weather conditions

The cement-effect ceramics is totally frost proof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. It may therefore be safely installed and used outdoors. However it is recommended to select the most suitable item to the destination use, in relation to the anti-slip features, to the thickness and installation technique.



Resistant to the passage of time

Ceramic is an inert extremely resistant material which undergoes no change nor deterioration over time.



Does not crumble nor crack

The cement-effect ceramic does not crumble nor crack.




The items are produces according to a system respectful of the environment and in compliance with a certified environment managing policy. Novoceram undertakes to implement constant improvements to reduce day after day its impact on the environment.



Easy to clean

Regardless of the chosen essence and aspect, the daily cleaning of your ceramics can be easily carried out with a cloth and some warm water.



Can be cleaned with aggressive products

If for ordinary maintenance the Porcelain Stoneware cleans easily with warm water, if necessary, it is possible to carry out a deeper cleaning of your floor using, without fear, more aggressive cleaning agents.




The cement-effect ceramic is a hygienic material that does not favor the development of bacteria. It is non-perishable, water-proof, insulating and easy to clean and disinfect, may be therefore installed in ambiances where hygiene is of basic importance such as schools, hospitals, public kitchens etc.

Frequently asked questions about cement effect porcelain stoneware

How to maintain imitation concrete tiles?

The daily maintenance of cement effect tiles is anything but time-consuming. To clean porcelain stoneware, it is sufficient to use clear, hot water and a cloth. If necessary, more aggressive products from professional brands can also be used, especially for stubborn stains.

Concrete effect porcelain stoneware: large or small tiles?

The question of the size of imitation concrete tiles is important and depends on the characteristics of the intended use. Indeed, for a clean and elegant aesthetic effect, it is often advisable to opt for large format tiles in large rooms. These sizes, such as 120×120 cm, allow you to visually enlarge your space while giving it an impression of lightness.

Are cement effect tiles hygienic?

Concrete-effect porcelain stoneware is a hygienic and waterproof material that is easy to clean and disinfect. It is therefore also suitable for environments with strict hygiene standards such as professional kitchens and hospitals.

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