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The bathroom is an intimate room in the house where an atmosphere of well-being and especially softness often reigns. In order to turn it into a cosy space without losing style, tiles for bathroom decorate and enhance all surfaces, from the floor to the walls. All kinds of decorations are possible thanks to the wide range of aesthetic effects and colours of Novoceram bathroom ceramic tiles, all of which make a great impression. You can therefore create a soothing space where you can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation.

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Why choose ceramic tiles for bathroom?

Since coverings are subject to many constraints in this room, including variations in humidity, it can sometimes be tricky to make the right choice. Ceramic bathroom tiles are made of a resistant material that meets the demands of this room, especially in terms of non-slip requirements and humidity resistance. Not only do they have the necessary technical properties, but ceramic tiles also have an infinite number of aesthetic aspects that blend in with any environment and enhance the room, sometimes with delicacy, sometimes with character and originality.

The colours and effects of bathroom tiles

The decoration of this room is obviously important. Whether industrial, chic, minimalist, Scandinavian or classic, each style has ceramic or porcelain tiles that complement it perfectly. Whether on the floor or on the walls, tiles allow you to design this relaxing space with the greatest freedom.

Firstly, Novoceram draws its inspiration from natural materials such as wood and stone, which are at the origin of the creation of many ceramic tile collections. The reproduction of these elegant and precious materials are accurate because even the irregularities that are part of the DNA of wood and stone are present on the surface of porcelain stoneware tiles. Thus, the wood and stone effects, being a true ode to nature, are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the robustness of porcelain bathroom tiles. Indeed, these natural materials, which are sometimes not recommended for damp environments, have a look that does not require any specific treatment here, since the tiles are made of ceramic porcelain stoneware.

Then, if your decoration has a modern and urban look, your room can be covered with concrete look tiles that cover walls or floors with style. Indeed, the look of concrete produces a very realistic material effect and reinforces the character of the space. Moreover, tiles that look like concrete underline the calmness that emanates from your room, particularly through its neutral and sober colours.

It is also possible to consider wallpaper effect tiles which, unlike traditional wallpaper, do not deteriorate in humid environments. You can therefore decorate your walls with ceramic wallpaper without any fear. Between geometric, cheerful or elegant patterns, bathroom ceramic tiles create real works of art on your walls to define an artistic style.

Finally, azulejos effect tiles can be another effective solution to brighten up your space. Their colours, from delicate ivory tones to more vivid ones, give life to all decorative desires and warm the atmosphere up. In addition, the patterns of the azulejos effect that can be both elaborate or minimalist and more contemporary fulfill all decorative wishes and bring a certain form of originality.

In terms of colours, ceramic tiles offer a wide range of decorative possibilities. The classic choice is often beige or white tiles for bathroom, both of which have the ability to reflect the natural light of the room and therefore make it brighter. In addition, they give an impression of hygiene and cleanliness that perfectly echoes the atmosphere of the room. If the aim is to support the feeling of serenity that this water room offers, grey bathroom tiles accomplish this task admirably because their many shades, from the lightest to the darkest, are all delicate.

What are the sizes of tiles for bathroom?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes to fit any space, from small to large. There is a wide choice among the following options:

  • Large ceramic tiles for bathroom with sizes up to 120×120 cm, 80×80 cm and 90×90 cm. These sizes are mainly recommended for large rooms because they accentuate the feeling of volume due to the reduced number of grouts. It is therefore the ideal size to reinforce the lightness and softness of this space of relaxation.
  • Medium-sized bathroom porcelain tiles, namely 45×45 cm and 60×60 cm, which are classic sizes. These tiles succeed in magnifying every large or small room whether laid on the wall or on the floor.
Small bathroom tiles in ceramic, including 20×20 cm and 30×30 cm. These small tiles are among the most popular sizes because they are perfect for walls. Moreover, according to the effect you have chosen, these tiles can transform the decoration of your room. This category also includes traditional mosaic tiles, which can be used anywhere. Indeed, it can be placed on the floor to create carpets or friezes, on the wall to decorate the back of the shower or the sink or on the floor of an Italian shower for a personalized effect.
Bathroom tiles in ceramic

As an alternative to square tiles, you can choose rectangular tiles for an original result. This more atypical format, as for example the 30×60 bathroom tile, perfectly complements your room by bringing a contemporary touch to the floor or walls. Moreover, if it is combined with a square floor tile, the result allows you to create geometrical visual games.

The advantages of ceramic tiles for bathroom

Obviously, bathrooms are a demanding space when it comes to tiles. It is therefore imperative to select tiles that meet the various constraints of this room.

The first characteristic of ceramic tiles is their strong resistance to water, steam and humidity. Indeed, this room has a higher level of humidity and can sometimes lead to the damaging of floor or wall coverings. However, bathroom ceramic tiles have a water absorption rate close to zero and do not change under the effect of humidity. Therefore, they can be laid in all confidence in the room.

Moreover, bathroom tiles are extremely easy to maintain and their quick cleaning saves time on a daily basis. Obviously, we cannot ignore this characteristic, as coverings can quickly become dirty from traces of cosmetics, limescale or dust. However, since ceramic porcelain stoneware has a low porosity, stains do not become embedded in the tile and remain on the surface where they are easier to remove. In fact, to clean them, all you need is hot water and a cloth to wipe the stains away. If you maintain well your tiles in ceramic over time, they will look the same for many years to come!

Finally, another positive point of ceramic tiles is that they are environmentally friendly, since they are manufactured within a production system that meets strict environmental standards. In addition, once laid, ceramic tiles do not release any toxic substances such as volatile organic compounds and are therefore not dangerous to health.

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Resistance to water, humidity or steam

Ceramic is resistant to humidity, steam and water due to its almost non-existent porosity.



Stands the test of time

Compact and resistant, porcelain stoneware stands the test of time.




Novoceram has an ecological and environmentally friendly production system that complies with a certified environmental management system.



Easy to clean

To clean your ceramic tiles on a daily basis, you only need a cloth and some hot water.



Can be cleaned with aggressive products

If necessary, ceramic floors may also be cleaned with products containing aggressive substances.




Ceramic is suitable for environments where hygiene is essential. This material prevents the growth of bacteria.



Practically unalterable

Ceramic does not change over time. This material will not lighten or darken, nor lose its colour or finish.



Ideal for underfloor heating

Ceramic is suitable for underfloor heating because its thermal conductivity makes the heat transfer easier.

Tiles bathroom: frequently asked questions

How to choose non-slip bathroom tiles?

Regarding the anti-slip level, Novoceram advises to choose R10 tiles for this room. It is not necessary to choose a higher non-slip level since it might not be suitable for the maintenance of an interior floor. For example, according to the DIN 51097 standard for barefoot resistance, an A rating should be adequate. On the other hand, you can choose an A+B+C non-slip tile to use it as a shower floor in an Italian style shower.

Do ceramic tiles for bathroom resist to chemical products?

This room is often exposed to chemicals, from traces of cosmetics to soaps. Although it is advisable to clean stains as soon as possible, it is also possible to clean porcelain and ceramic tiles with chemicals, as they are very resistant to them. Of course, it is best to use a professional brand of product that is perfectly suited to ceramic tiles.

Which ceramic bathroom tiles should I choose to make my room bigger?

If your room is narrow, there is always a way to create optical illusions that give the opposite impression. For example, light colours, such as beige or ivory, to name but a few, can brighten up the room and thus give a feeling of space. In addition, the glossy finish of ceramic tiles reflects the light and increases the impression of volume. Another example is to opt for rectangular tiles, which can easily alter the visual perception of space.

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