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During sunny days, outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies become whole rooms on their own. Indeed, during summer, these places become perfect settings for friendly meals and moments of relaxation and their design therefore requires careful consideration. Novoceram terrace tiles are made of porcelain stoneware and combine the resistance of ceramic with a contemporary look that meets all decorative needs. In other words, Novoceram balcony tiles are the ideal solution for creating elegant and personalised outdoor spaces.

Our collection of tiles for balcony and terrace

Ceramic tiles for Terrace: A Smart Choice

Porcelain terrace tiles are perfectly suited for outdoor installation, especially because they have the necessary anti-slip properties. In addition, porcelain stoneware is a frost and weather resistant material and its aesthetic appearance stands the test of time. Beyond the resistant nature of ceramic, porcelain balcony tiles gives out a wide variety of aesthetic effects and thus allowing them to give life to any type of atmosphere. From Scandinavian to contemporary, industrial to classic, each tile collection creates a unique atmosphere.

Anti-slip properties of outdoor balcony and terrace tiles

Laying tiles in outdoor spaces, including terraces and balconies, requires compliance with certain conditions. There are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to the resistance of terrace and balcony tiles to various stresses.

Firstly, it is necessary to choose a product with the right level of anti-slip, which is determined by the European standards DIN 51130 – for areas where people walk with shoes – and DIN 51097 – for areas where people walk barefoot. In general, Novoceram recommends choosing a balcony or terrace tile that is classified as at least R11 according to DIN 51130 (with shoes). This value corresponds to PC20, according to the French standard.

Another important element in the choice of tiles for terrace is the resistance to wear and tear due to foot traffic. This is defined, in particular, by the UPEC classification whose letter U refers to the trampling according to the intensity of use. This classification, established by the CSTB, recommends choosing outdoor balcony tiles that will resist over time and not deteriorate under the effect of wear and tear and foot traffic. Thus, U3 is adequate for a simple private balcony or hotel room, while U4 is required for terraces in commercial or residential buildings. This value applies to both private terraces and balconies and those intended for collective use.

2 cm thick Outdoor Plus Terrace and Balcony tiles

Novoceram Outdoor Plus tiles are ideal for exterior areas, from terraces and balconies to roof terraces and low-traffic driveways.

The special feature of these tiles is that they are 2 cm thick, which expands the installation possibilities. Outdoor Plus tiles can be laid without glue, i.e. directly on gravel, lawn or on pedestal supports to leave space for irrigation pipes or even lighting. Of course, the traditional method of glue on screed remains possible.

The characteristics of terrace tiles in this range make them resistant to frost and to temperature changes (-50° to 60°). In addition, they have the required level of anti-slip for the exterior. Moreover, the aesthetics of these 2 cm tiles have not been neglected and Novoceram has chosen to reproduce many of the same effects as those of interior tiles. This also ensures an aesthetic continuity between spaces. Between the wood, stone or cement effect, outdoor balcony tiles and terrace tiles meet all your decorative preferences and help define the style of your space.

Decoration: aesthetic effects and colours of outdoor terrace tiles

Terrace tiles can reproduce a variety of materials, from natural effects such as wood and stone to more contemporary looks. The list of aesthetic effects is therefore varied and each collection of tiles for balcony helps to create personalised spaces. In addition, it is possible to combine your tiles with the interior floor because the outdoor collections have the same aesthetic effects as the interior tiles.

First of all, balcony tiles perfectly reproduce the characteristics of wood, from the veins to the knots that define its unique identity. Timeless and warm, wood effect tiles are a perfect match for many decorating styles, from ethnic and bohemian chic to more exotic trends. The comfort of wood is perfect for outdoor spaces, which become real havens of peace.

For atmospheres where elegance and authenticity are required, stone effect tiles can be laid outdoors. The reproduction of natural stone is of high quality and no detail of the natural stone is left out. Stone effect tiles offer an unmistakable charm that combines with its deep character. In this case, balcony tiles adorn the floor in a powerful way.

Then, if you prefer industrial and modern decorations that recall lofts and workshops, you will not resist to the charm of concrete effect tiles. Concrete effect terrace tiles create an idyllic setting where modernity easily finds its place in a soothing and serene atmosphere.

In the same style, it is also possible to choose modern balcony tiles. This option brings a touch of elegance and timelessness to your terrace. Design tiles are available in large sizes, ideal for spacious terraces, and a wide range of sober and discreet colours. Finally, you can also choose terracotta effect tiles that warm up the atmosphere and give a Mediterranean touch that evokes sun and relaxation.

There is a wide range of shades, including light grey, anthracite or even ivory. All of them are ideal for outdoor spaces. Many light and dark colours can easily be combined with your style. Often, beige tiles, or ivory and taupe shades, inspire tranquillity and serenity. Warm tones are therefore a good choice for your outdoor balcony tiles or terrace tiles. On the other hand, dark colours like dark grey or brown bring a certain power to your terrace.

For shady areas, it is advisable to select a terrace tile in light tones such as light grey in particular because they bring luminosity. Finally, the many shades of grey tiles ranging from light to anthracite are a great option because of their versatility and softness.

What sizes of outdoor terrace tiles are available?

There are many different sizes of tiles available to enhance any space, whether it is large or small. It is possible to choose between:

  • Small balcony tiles, such as 20×20 cm or 30×30 cm. These sizes, more traditional for the exterior, can bring a touch of elegance and sobriety
  • Medium outdoor balcony tiles, which include 45×45 cm and 60×60 cm. These tile sizes are defined as common, but are an optimal choice because they manage to enhance any space regardless of its size.
  • Large tiles for terrace, which include the 80×80 cm and 90×90 cm. Tiles of these sizes are often recommended for large space to increase the feeling of volume.
Rectangular tiles are also available and include 30×60 cm, 60×90 cm and 60×120, to name a few. This choice of format allows you to create graphic and geometric decorations and brings a surprisingly modern touch.
Large tiles for terrace

The advantages of porcelain terrace tiles

Ceramic tiles for balcony offer the multiple benefits of this resistant material and respond adequately to the requirements of an outdoor installation.

Firstly, the look of porcelain balcony tiles does not change over time and retains its original finish. Indeed, the sun does not lighten their colour because they resist to UV rays without undergoing aesthetic changes. In addition, it is important to emphasize the resistance of ceramic tiles to frost and weather. Therefore, they can be installed outdoors safely.

Secondly, outdoor balcony tiles are very easy to maintain and clean, no matter what aesthetic effect you choose. On a daily basis, thanks to the almost non-existent porosity of porcelain stoneware, stains always remain on the surface of the tiles and are easily removed with a mop and clean water. However, you can also use aggressive professional products or even a high-pressure washer for tougher stains.

Finally, another important benefit is the high wear resistance of outdoor terrace tiles. This means that the aesthetic effect of your tile will not change even under intense foot traffic, as it is the case in busy outdoor areas or terraces in shopping malls and public buildings.

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Resistant to water, humidity and steam

Ceramic tiles resist to humidity, steam and water, thanks to their almost zero porosity.



Does not crumble or crack

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to crumbling and breaking.



High resistance to scratches and wear and tear

The properties of porcelain stoneware make this material extremely resistant to wear and tear and scratches.



Does not get stained

Whichever product you choose, it will be easy to maintain because ceramic is virtually non-porous. Stains will not be absorbed but will remain on the surface and, even if they were to dry, they will be easy to clean.



Easy to clean

The daily cleaning of porcelain stoneware tiles is as simple as using a cloth and warm water.



Can be cleaned with aggressive products

If necessary, ceramic flooring can also be cleaned with aggressive products.



Not affected by frost or bad weather

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to frost and bad weather and can also be used outdoors.



Withstands the test of time

Compact and resistant, porcelain stoneware stands the test of time.



Virtually unalterable

Ceramic does not change over time. This material will not lighten or darken, nor will it lose its colour or finish.




Novoceram has an ecological and environmentally friendly production system that complies with a certified environmental management system.




Porcelain tiles are suitable for use in environments where hygiene is essential. This material prevents the growth of bacteria.



Does not emit volatile organic compounds

Ceramic does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds, which are harmful to health, which is why it is classified A+ according to French regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions on ceramic terrace tiles

How to maintain ceramic tiles for balcony?

Ceramic tiles do not require any particular maintenance. In fact, no matter the aesthetic effect you choose, whether it is wood, stone or concrete, porcelain balcony tiles have the suitable characteristics for outdoor installation. It is therefore not necessary to use a protective layer to preserve its original look. Moreover, this material is easy to clean on a daily basis, thanks to its low porosity. As a result, stains remain on the surface of the tile and are easily removed with clear hot water, or with a high-pressure cleaner, if they are particularly tough.

How to lay tiles for balcony?

Ceramic terrace tiles can be laid using the traditional method, i.e. glued to screed. However, other installation methods are possible since Novoceram has developed the Outdoor Plus range, which includes 2 cm thick tiles. Outdoor Plus tiles for terrace can therefore also be laid without glue, directly on gravel or grass. The last possibility will be to lay the tiles on pedestal supports, which can be an optimal solution to leave enough space for the various pipes and other irrigation or lighting systems.

What colour of terrace tiles to choose?

In general, the colour of outdoor terrace tiles plays a key role in the decoration of the space. Therefore, Novoceram tiles are available in many different colours to meet every need and to allow you to create personalised and unique spaces. For example, light-coloured tiles, with a wood effect in ivory or beige, echo nature and a warmer, cosier spirit, while the modern shades of a concrete effect provide a soothing and contemporary atmosphere. It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create on your terrace!

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