Wood Effect Tiles for Terrace and Balcony

Wood look terrace tiles give a warm and friendly identity to your outdoor space. Due to the high maintenance of natural parquet and its sometimes-early wear and tear outdoors, this used to be difficult to achieve. However, ceramic tiles appear nowadays as the perfect floor and wall covering for terraces and balconies, as they have all the qualities of natural wood without its drawbacks. Thanks to wood effect tiles for balcony, your terrace can benefit from the natural beauty of parquet flooring and its warm colours, which include delicate beige and brown shades.

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Parquet look terrace tiles for a functional and welcoming terrace

The choice of terrace tiles is crucial and sometimes difficult. There are many factors to consider. For example, outdoor flooring must not only protect the terrace, but also withstand harsh weather conditions. Wood effect tiles are made of porcelain stoneware and can enhance any outdoor space thanks to their many technical features, such as easy maintenance and resistance to UV and frost. In addition, our tiles are also suitable for use on pool surrounds. In this case, you must choose a product with a suitable anti-slip level. Whether it is for a relaxing atmosphere on your terrace with wood effect tiles, a tropical-style balcony or a boardwalk garden project, parquet effect terrace tiles combine the aesthetics of wood with the advantages of ceramic.

The advantages of a wood look terrace tiles

Outdoor environments often have very specific requirements that flooring must meet. It is therefore necessary to take the time to choose the tiles that will cover the floor of your house surrounds and to assess their resistance to outdoor conditions.

A first advantage of parquet effect terrace tiles is their resistance to bad weather conditions. Ceramic tiles can withstand temperature changes and resist to frost without damaging their surface. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays do not have any effect on porcelain stoneware, as it does not fade nor darken. Grey terrace tiles do not change in any way, for example, in terms of colour, whether light or dark, or in terms of finish, which also remains unchanged.

The maintenance of wood effect tiles for balcony is extremely easy. All you need to clean flooring on a daily basis is hot water and a cloth. Stains can be easily removed as they remain on the surface of the tiles due to their low porosity. If more intensive cleaning is required, it is possible to use aggressive products, offered by professional brands. Indeed, porcelain stoneware resist to chemical products.
Wood effect tiles for balcony

Another advantage of terrace wood look tiles to highlight is their high resistance to wear and tear. Unlike natural wood, porcelain stoneware can withstand intense foot traffic, especially on public terraces and outdoor spaces where this is a recurring situation. Ceramic tiles do not deteriorate and keep their initial look if regularly maintained.

A comforting and natural decor with wood effect terrace tiles

Terraces occupy an important place and even become an additional room once summer is back. Outdoor spaces are therefore both a place to relax and a welcoming setting for sharing moments in good company. Creating a small haven of peace for a break and a cocoon for memorable moments: these are the major challenges for terraces and balconies.

Stone effect terrace tiles
Parquet look terrace tiles envelop the space with elegance and become an ally of choice for bringing a city oasis to life. Firstly, this tile effect naturally defines a luminous and warm decoration through its colours ranging from light beige to brown and delicate honey shades. For a total wood look, it is possible to opt for a cladding-style installation to redesign the space. It can also correspond to a rather relaxing style with its square or board format. The terrace can become a real ode to nature by using decorative objects or furnishings made of natural materials such as stone. To celebrate nature, you can even consider covering the walls or a particular corner of the floor with stone effect terrace tiles.
Novoceram Outdoor Plus range of tiles is specially designed for outdoor use. With a thickness of 2 cm, these tiles can be installed in ways other than the traditional adhesive installation. The tiles can be laid on gravel or in Japanese steps on lawns, blending in with the landscape. It is therefore easy to keep in touch with nature and to make the most of your garden thanks to wood effect terrace tiles. To add an extra original touch, it is possible to choose 60×60 wood effect tiles, which provide a surprising change from the traditional wood plank size, which is perfectly suited to a large and spacious terrace.
Wood effect terrace tiles

In contrast, for a purely contemporary balcony, grey terrace wood look tiles are an optimal solution and contribute to the creation of a refined atmosphere. Here, the grey shades do not compromise the authenticity of the ceramic floor and simply add a modern touch. The wood effect terrace tiles are also available in an indoor version. In this way, there is some form of continuity between the spaces, which creates harmony in the decoration.

Wood effect tiles for balcony: frequently asked questions

Do parquet effect terrace tiles need to be treated before being installed outside?

Porcelain stoneware does not require any special treatment for outdoor applications, as it is naturally weather and frost resistant. There is therefore no risk of damage to the tiles. The material is also resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and therefore does not bleach.

What types of wood can terrace parquet effect tiles reproduce?

From an aesthetic point of view, wood look tiles for balcony offer the advantage of reproducing rare natural wood essences. Some of them are sometimes not even suitable for such use. However, porcelain stoneware reproduces all the details of parquet flooring with meticulous precision. It is therefore possible to select a rustic wood style, characterised by the signs of time, a brown parquet floor or a traditional parquet floor with the slight cracks, various knots and other veins that enrich the original surface of the wood.

Is it possible to lay terrace tiles with wood effect around an outdoor swimming pool?

Wood effect tiles for terrace can be used to cover swimming pool surrounds. This is possible thanks to the low porosity of porcelain stoneware. Indeed, this extremely resistant material is not affected by water or humidity. For safety reasons, however, it is important to select a product with the appropriate level of slip resistance for this particular use.

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