Grey Wood Effect Tiles

The grey wood effect tile perfectly combines the timelessness of the grey colour with the comforting nature of wood. This combination has a certain original and above all modern touch thanks to its colour, which is less traditional than oak wood in beige tones. Thus, grey wood style tiles are ideal for the floor and wall of contemporary or minimalist spaces. The aesthetics of the wood look warm up grey tiles, sometimes considered cold, for a perfectly balanced result that invites itself in any decoration, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even outdoor spaces.

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What are the advantages of grey wood effect porcelain tiles?

The wood effect tiles in grey are made of porcelain stoneware and therefore have the many technical properties of this quality material such as its robust and resistant nature. It is an ideal choice for floor and wall coverings, whether for indoor or outdoor use, in any room of the house.

Wood effect tiles
Firstly, grey wood look tiles do not require any type of specific treatment, regardless of their intended use. For example, although natural wood is not always recommended for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, wood effect tiles are not affected by water or humidity thanks to the low porosity of porcelain stoneware. This ceramic tile does not require any water-repellent treatment even if it is laid in the shower!

Ceramic tiles are also resistant to wear and tear, unlike natural wood, which is softer by nature. For this reason, grey wood look tiles can be used in high-traffic areas such as the living room. Each product retains its aesthetic appearance perfectly.

Furthermore, grey tiles that look like wood do not need to be treated, even outdoors. They are resistant to temperature changes and therefore do not risk cracking or breaking because of frost. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet rays have no effect on the colour and finish of ceramic tiles. The beauty of the wood effect terrace tile can invade your outdoor space without suffering from external factors.

Another strong point of grey wood effect tiles is that they reproduce rare essences, which are rather difficult to find on the market, or even unusable in some cases. The possibilities in terms of decoration are therefore infinite thanks to ceramic tiles.

Finally, wood effect tiles in grey do not require much maintenance on a daily basis. Their cleaning only require warm water and a mop. Alternatively, porcelain tiles can be cleaned with a professional brand of chemical cleaner if necessary. Ceramic tiles are designed to resist to any chemical attack and therefore do not deteriorate.

A natural decoration with grey wood effect porcelain tiles

Wood has long been popular in interior design and has consolidated its dominant position over the years. Porcelain stoneware tiles perfectly reproduce this material, including details such as knots, veins and slight cracks. The surface of the ceramic floor is therefore visually identical to that of natural parquet thanks to the new technologies used.

In general, brown or beige wood effect tiles have a welcoming character that is reinforced by the warm colours. On the other hand, grey wood, although sometimes considered old-fashioned, retains a modern feel. Thus, grey wood effect tiles blend in wonderfully with both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Of course, the various shades of grey create different atmospheres. On the one hand, light grey allows for a rather Scandinavian style. To create the right atmosphere, it is advisable to choose light-coloured furniture and a minimalist decoration. On the other hand, dark shades such as anthracite have a more contemporary feel.
Beige wood effect tiles

Wood look tiles in grey can be used to create contrasts. For example, a combination with black creates a very contemporary look and the contrasting colours give a strong character to the space. For an industrial room, you could choose metal furniture or decorative objects, which together with wood form a winning combination.

Of course, it is possible to keep to a natural decoration theme. For a harmonious image inside your home or outside, grey stone effect tiles combine perfectly with the look of the wood and together they echo nature.

Frequently asked questions about wood effect grey tiles

Are grey wood look ceramic tiles compatible with underfloor heating?

Ceramic wood tiles are not only visually warm, but can also literally warm up the room as they are compatible with underfloor heating systems. Indeed, porcelain stoneware has an excellent thermal conductivity compared to other insulating materials. This means that the installation is much more efficient when using ceramic.

In what size are grey wood effect porcelain tiles available?

Grey wood look ceramic tiles are available in two different sizes. On the one hand, it is possible to choose the typical size of wood planks such as 20×120 for interiors or 30×120 cm for exteriors. Although traditional, these tiles honour the original size of natural wood and therefore retain a certain authenticity. On the other hand, for a more modern style of decoration, wood effect grey tiles are also available in square format. These products are rather atypical for the aesthetics of wood and therefore add a rather original and surprising character.

What colours can grey wood look tiles be combined with?

The strong point of grey wood effect tiles is the versatile nature of the colour. Our range of products offers many possibilities. For example, for a bohemian style, light colours such as white, beige or light brown, seem to be the best option with grey tiles. On the other hand, the contrasting colour combination of grey, black and white is perfect for a contemporary. Finally, it should not be forgotten that wood has an incomparable charm and to reinforce this characteristic, pastel colours such as mauve or blue are ideal.

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