Small Porcelain Tiles

In traditional style, the small tile has always been used to cover bathrooms and kitchens or to cover floors. However, this small format has been reinvented and updated by Novoceram and is part of collections that combine elements related to the decorative tradition of ceramic history and contemporary design. Being eclectic in nature, the small tiles for floor and wall lend themselves to original and astonishing installation plans that completely transform your rooms. Not only do small tiles have extraordinary decorative power due to its format and aesthetic aspects, but it can also be used to structure space.

Our small format tile collections

The small ceramic tiles: functional and aesthetic

Small format tiles offer the possibility to decorate all spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms and even outdoor areas. Indeed, each small tile is made of porcelain stoneware and therefore has all the technical qualities. In addition, small format tiles have an incredible power in terms of space planning, as they allow you to play on surfaces of various dimensions and bring a note of cheerfulness to your environments, since the possibilities of combinations are numerous. For example, it can decorate the kitchen credenza or the bathroom tiles with its original or minimalist patterns, and can also create decorative notes on the floor, in total look or by touches, in order to delimit spaces by creating a tile carpet for example.

What are the aesthetic aspects and colors of small tiles?

The small tiles format is a good way to draw attention to details and that is why their aesthetic effect must be carefully chosen. Their texture, characterized by a material effect, is inspired by various materials such as stone or concrete. Every detail, even the smallest, adorns the surface of the tile.

Firstly, the small tile allows you to sublimate your spaces thanks to a striking stone effect. The resulting aesthetic combines the character of the natural material with the elegance sought by the choice of the small format. Each precision of the material, linked to the work of time and nature and the unforeseen imperfections that result, is reproduced for a result that is truer than nature.

Secondly, the concrete effect, also available in small format, is an interesting option that proves to be astonishingly aesthetic in spaces that are more industrial or modern. Each small-tile tiling portrays the surface of the cement and its particular nuances for a rather raw look that serves as a framework for many decorating styles.

Finally, small format tiles offer aesthetic effects that are purely invented or born from a mixture of materials. The aspects are therefore inimitable and offer a perfect personalization of the space. With or without patterns, with bright or sober colors, each collection is able to satisfy all decorative preferences and can be easily integrated into any space, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

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