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The format of tile mosaic has long fascinated people in decoration. Placed on a whole wall or in touches, mosaic tiles are intended to decorate a wall or the floor and thus make each surface more pleasant. Thanks to its resistance and low slipperiness, this ceramic mosaic format is ideal for wet areas of the house such as the bathroom, the kitchen or the sanitary.

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Novoceram reinvents mosaic effect tiles collections with trendy aesthetic effects to create a particular style in the home. Each aspect of the mosaic tiles delimits and gives structure to the spaces, both on the wall and on the floor. This tile format creates both harmonious transitions between surfaces and gentle breaks when different styles are combined. The Novoceram ceramic mosaic tile is usually composed of a modular base of 45×45 cm on which a series of porcelain stoneware tesserae are applied.

The uses of porcelain mosaic tiles

This mosaic porcelain tiles format can be used for bathroom tiles or kitchen credenza, but its use can be extended to other rooms, even outside the house, in the pool.

Novoceram’s mosaic effect tile collections are made of porcelain stoneware. This material, tile mosaics, which is naturally resistant and robust, is perfectly suited to the requirements of wet rooms such as the bathroom. Choosing mosaic effect tiles means settling for a hygienic, moisture resistant and easy to clean solution. In addition, if you want to cover the floor of the shower, the mosaic effect tile has an anti-slip nature thanks to the division into tesserae and joints that form points of resistance to slipping.

The design of the ceramic tile mosaic is also suitable for other spaces such as the living room or dining room. Indeed, although this format is often used as a wall decoration, porcelain stoneware withstands wear and tear well and, when installed on the floor, the appearance of the porcelain tiles mosaic does not degrade.

The aesthetic effects of Novoceram porcelain stoneware mosaic

Novoceram’s mosaic tiles are available in many aesthetic aspects to customize your spaces. Assembled, the multiple facets of the tesserae are used to create unique decorations and relief effects.

First, some mosaic effect ceramic tiles collections are inspired by various natural stones, as travertine. The imitation stone mosaic tiles reproduce every characteristic detail of stone with a striking realism. Thanks to its versatile nature, this stone mosaic tile effect is an excellent decorative element and can be easily combined with imitation wood tiles for a natural effect or with imitation marble tiles for an elegant look.

Novoceram also offers other options such as imitation concrete ceramic mosaic. The raw character of cement gives a resolutely contemporary or even industrial style to any surface, from walls to floors. To sign a clean and minimalist decoration, a collection of design mosaic effect tiles can be a great way to add a modern touch to the room. The advantage of modern mosaic tiles is that they are inspired by a mix of different materials to offer an ultra-customized and unique result that can fulfil your decorating wishes.

Frequently asked questions about tile mosaic

Can Novoceram mosaic tile be installed on walls or floors?

Novoceram’s mosaic tiles are designed to be installed on the wall, but also on the floor. This feature creates a wide range of possibilities in terms of decoration. The ceramic mosaic tile can therefore cover the walls to give life to a wall decoration. For an original touch in the room, ceramic mosaic tiles on the floor can create a decorative frieze according to their pattern. This technique can isolate and highlight the presence of certain decorative elements while playing on a surprising use of mosaic.

How to clean mosaic porcelain tiles?

Novoceram offers ceramic mosaic tile collections. Thanks to this choice of material, daily maintenance is quick and easy, which is essential for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, the cleaning of porcelain mosaic tiles is done simply by means of hot water and a mop. Generally, stains remain on the surface of the tile due to the low porosity of porcelain stoneware. However, in case of deeper cleaning, it is possible to use aggressive products, preferably designed by a professional brand, because porcelain stoneware is resistant to chemicals and therefore preserves its original appearance.

What mosaic ceramic tile colour should I choose?

Novoceram’s porcelain stoneware mosaic offers a wide range of colours to match various interior decorations. For example, products with light colours such as beige mosaic tiles or ivory have warm, rich shades that brighten the space with their soft luminosity. On the other hand, dark colours of mosaic effect tiles such as black or charcoal grey create a strongly contemporary atmosphere in the house and are easy to combine with various materials that are part of the decoration such as stone, wood or marble.

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