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Ironic, irreverent, provocative: Indigo reproduces the colors and the matericity of traditional Azulejo tiles, completely altering their iconography, to propose a mix of 63 subjects, each and every single one seemingly inspired by a world with no apparent connection to another in terms of style, and spanning a total of ten centuries of our history. Made in glazed porcelain stoneware, Indigo can also be used as a floor tile. As well as the decorated tiles, Indigo is also proposed as a base tile, with a plain backdrop and without décor, in the 20×20 Ret and 20×60 Ret sizes.


Warning! Indigo is a random mix of 63 subjects. Each single tile is inspected during the production process but no control is possible with respect to the distribution of individual subjects in the boxes. It is not possible to guarantee the presence of certain subjects in the boxes purchased, nor that there won’t be one or more duplicates in the same box or in different boxes regardless of the number of boxes purchased. The presence of such duplicates normally does not affect the aesthetic impact of the installation, provided that they are suitably distributed across the area to be covered.


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