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The bathroom is a place where people enjoy relaxing and this atmosphere comes to life through the decoration. Often, bathroom walls are left bare and white to reinforce the feeling of cleanliness, but they can become a beautiful design element thanks to wall tiles. Indeed, our collections of bathroom wall tiles turn your blank canvas into a work of art if it covers the entire wall and add personality when laid in small touches.

Our bathroom wall tile collections

What are the advantages of wall tiles for bathroom?

The bathroom is a highly technical room that presents various demands on the floor covering. It is therefore essential to choose a suitable material. Bathroom tiles, made of porcelain stoneware, have many advantages for this room.

Like kitchen splashbacks, wall bathroom tiles are designed to protect the walls. Their first strength is that they have a high resistance to water, steam and humidity. Often, this area has a higher level of humidity and can cause the covering to deteriorate. This is not the case with porcelain stoneware, which has low porosity and a near-zero absorption rate. Its aesthetic effect therefore does not deteriorate in a damp room. Ceramic is also a very hygienic material and does not favour the development of mould, which can sometimes appear in a damp environment.
Wall bathroom tiles

The number one enemy in the bathroom is, unsurprisingly, limescale that settles on taps and tiles. In order to remove it, it is often necessary to use acidic chemicals that can sometimes damage the tiles. However, tiles for bathroom wall in ceramic are highly resistant to aggressive products.

Finally, ceramic bathroom wall tiles can replicate the look of materials that are sometimes not suitable for an installation in the bathroom. From now on, you may enjoy the beauty of certain materials, such as wallpaper or certain types of natural wood. Porcelain stoneware therefore extends the range of choices.

Wall decoration with bathroom wall tiles

Tiles are a common feature in the bathroom and are the ideal solution to magnify the room, from flooring to walls, and add a touch of fantasy and modernity. From an aesthetic point of view, wall tiles for bathroom are available in a wide range of effects to suit any decorating style.

To create the perfect place to relax, wood effect tiles is a first option for bathroom walls. Ceramic wood, which does not deteriorate in humid environments, creates a sauna style in your space where well-being and tranquillity are obvious. Veins, knots and slight cracks give a natural touch to bathroom tiles, shower walls or all wall surfaces for a total natural look.

To continue to celebrate nature, another option is stone effect bathroom tiles, which bring a touch of nobility to the space. The modern yet luxurious look of ceramic stone is a great idea for adding texture to walls.

This bathroom wall tile is practical for highlighting the sink or shower area and can even be easily combined with wood for a soft touch.

Stone effect bathroom tiles

The bathroom can also be decorated in a contemporary way to highlight the relaxing atmosphere. For example, marble effect tiles, with their matt or polished finish, create new and sumptuous walls that are synonymous with luxury. The effect of concrete can also put the material in the spotlight. Bathroom wall tiles are available in a concrete effect, with smooth 3D reliefs, and present various surfaces that are able to define a singular style in the bathroom.

Wall tiles with a wallpaper effect
Finally, decorative fantasies lend themselves particularly well to bathrooms because they invite personalization. A collection of wall tiles with a wallpaper effect is the first example of an original touch. The wide variety of patterns on ceramic wallpaper makes it almost essential in an unusual decoration. Between flowery prints, enchanting decorations and geometric lines, these tiles have become crucial decorative objects. Similarly, ceramic cement tiles create a timeless decoration with their classic or minimalist patterns.

Tiles for bathroom wall: frequently asked questions

What size of bathroom wall tile should I choose?

Tile size is an important factor in interior design and the bathroom is the perfect place to let the imagination run wild. For example, small tiles are certainly a traditional pattern for walls, as are mosaic bathroom tiles, which offers a modern style and perfectly covers walls. Rectangular tiles, on the other hand, offer the possibility of creating a dynamic decor because they create a geometric interplay between the wall and the floor. Finally, a collection of large tiles is perfect for a contemporary bathroom and makes it more visually spacious.

What colour of wall bathroom tiles should I choose?

The choice of tile colours is of great importance and our range of products answer to any preference. Generally, the bathroom is coloured with a neutral colour, white or cream, because these symbolise freshness and cleanliness. However, white tiles call for creativity, as they blend in well with a variety of decorations. For a more modern style, grey is perfectly suited in both light and dark shades, as is black, which is synonymous with elegance. If, on the other hand, the bathroom wall tile becomes the central element of the room, it is time to add colours like blue, green or event light pink!

How do I clean ceramic wall tiles for bathroom?

Cleaning wall tile in bathroom is by no means tedious. This is due to the low porosity of porcelain stoneware. Cosmetic and soap stains, although common in this area, are therefore easy to remove as they do not penetrate through the tile. On a daily basis, tiles can be cleaned with hot water. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use aggressive products, as ceramic tiles are resistant to chemicals. Indeed, these products do not have any effect on the colour and finish of the tile.

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