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Swimming pools, balconies, terraces, gardens, every outdoor floor finds an effective solution among the various Novoceram collections, both with normal thickness and with a 2-cm thickness for greater resistance and for special applications. Outdoor flooring often imposes very specific requirements and outdoor porcelain tiles suitably meet these. In addition, the varied and elaborated aesthetic aspects of the outdoor floor tiles offered by Novoceram will satisfy all types of aesthetic requirements. Moreover, outdoor tiles ensure harmony with indoor floor tiles aiming at creating perfect continuity between spaces.

Our collections of outdoor floor tiles

Novoceram offers you a range of outdoor ceramic tiles that will help you to transform your exterior spaces so that they become more pleasant and welcoming. Outdoor tiles are suitable for all outdoor uses, that is they can be used both for a garden and a balcony, but can also be laid on exterior floors and walls. Indeed, outdoor porcelain tiles are perfect for laying on terraces and pool areas thanks to their technical qualities including their non-slip properties. Therefore, exterior floor tiles meet the requirements of any type of application. Considering the wide aesthetic variety of outdoor ceramic tiles, whether these replicate wood, stone or concrete, each collection will be able to give a unique and refined style to your exterior.

Exterior floor tiles: how to choose them well?

Coloured body porcelain stoneware or technical porcelain stoneware are the perfect solution for your outdoor floors. The outdoor tile collections perfectly reproduce the aesthetic effects of wood, concrete, metal or stone while respecting the technical characteristics that outdoor floors require, such as their anti-slip nature for example. All you have to do is choose the style that best meets your aesthetic requirements.

Technical properties of exterior tiles

Novoceram outdoor tiles are subject to numerous tests that guarantee their compliance with ISO certifications, which focus on respecting the environment such as ISO 50001 regarding the energy management system and ISO 140001 for the environmental management system. Novoceram has always attached great importance to its ecological impact and is constantly seeking to reduce it. For example, the outdoor porcelain tiles that the company produces do not emit any toxic substances, such as volatile organic compounds, into the air and are assigned the best note, A+.

It is important to point out that exterior floor tiles are subject to different stresses than interior tiles. Not only do tiles have to withstand different factors such as the passage of vehicles, weather conditions and temperature changes, but also it is imperative that they have non-slip properties to reduce the risk of falling. Novoceram exterior floor tiles are highly resistant to these different factors thanks to their technical properties and therefore perfectly meet the requirements that outdoor floors impose.

Ceramic outdoor tiles are also studied by the CSTB, which determines their UPEC classification in order to assess their suitability for the area in which they are to be laid.

Outdoor Plus tiles for exterior floors

Novoceram has developed a range called Outdoor Plus, which is specially designed for outdoor laying. This range include outdoor floor tiles that are 2 cm thick and appear certainly as the best solution for gardens, terraces and balconies, but also for areas around the house and swimming pools. The thickness of Outdoor Plus tiles enables laying methods that do not require tile adhesive. For example, these tiles can be laid directly on gravel or grass in Japanese steps, or even on slabs for a raised installation. These different types of laying are particularly interesting for outdoor spaces, as adhesives tend to come off in cold and rainy areas. However, it is also possible to lay Outdoor Plus tiles in a traditional way using an adhesive technique, for driveways for instance.

Outdoor flooring tiles 2cm

However, Novoceram has not set aside the aesthetics of outdoor tiles and has chosen to reproduce the same effects of tiles with a normal thickness. In this way, wood, cement, or stone can cover even your outdoor floor to achieve a stylish and elegant result. In conclusion, Outdoor Plus tile tiles adapt to all needs in terms of outdoor flooring and create a unique style thanks to their many aesthetic effects.

Outdoor porcelain tiles: Where to use them?

Outdoor ceramic tiles for gardens

Ceramic is an ideal material for the garden. Novoceram has designed numerous collections of garden tiles, which can be laid to create paths on lawns for a well-made aesthetic result. Indeed, the choice of tiles effects is extremely wide and include wood effect, metal effect, and stone effect that will give a very elegant style to your garden. All you have to do is select the outdoor floor tiles that best meet your needs according to your outdoor decoration.

Outdoor porcelain tiles for terraces and balconies

Terraces are, without any doubt, the most important area of outdoor spaces as these welcome us for our summer outdoor dinner parties and offer us a place to relax and bask in the sun. It therefore needs to have a floor covering adapted to exterior requirements. Exterior floor tiles for terraces and balconies are an ideal solution because they are highly resistant to temperature changes and bad weather conditions. In addition, outdoor tiles are unalterable over time and their aesthetic appearance will remain unchanged even when exposed to sunlight. However, this is not necessarily true for other natural materials such as wood, for example.

Outdoor tiles for swimming pools

Choosing swimming pool tiles is hard since these have to respect some standards in order to create a safe area. Firstly, outdoor ceramic tiles are resistant to chemical products and pool salt. However, the main requirement that swimming pool tiles must have is non-slip properties to avoid any risk of falling, especially around the pool where the floor can often be slippery. Outdoor porcelain tiles are not porous and have a great resistance to water and humidity, which makes them ideal for swimming pools.

In this way, you can opt for aesthetic effects of materials that are usually not recommended for swimming pools and their borders, and your choice in no longer limited. It is now up to you to decide whether you want exterior tiles with a stone effect for a more authentic look, or wood effect tiles for a warmer atmosphere or more contemporary metal effect tiles.

Colours and effects of exterior floor tiles

Novoceram offers a wide variety of collections with many different effects and colours that will highlight any type of outdoor flooring and personalise your outdoor space while fully expressing your design style. All collections of exterior tiles tiles faithfully reproduce many aspects and have the advantages and properties of porcelain stoneware.

Therefore, whatever your design style is, if it is classic, rustic or modern and minimalist, there is a wide range of available choices. For a more natural look, you can choose stone look tiles that put a noble touch to exterior areas, or wood effect tiles which create a warmer atmosphere. If you prefer more contemporary and industrial tiles, concrete effect tiles reproduce the characteristics of concrete and transform your outdoor space into a modern universe.

It is also important to take into consideration exterior tile colours to create a design that will accentuate the style of your outdoor space. Lighter colours such as off-white, ivory and opal shades will illuminate the floor of your exterior area while, for a more neutral and design look, darker tiles that are brown, grey or salt-grey will be preferred.

Exterior floor tiles sizes

Novoceram outdoor floor tiles are available in many formats and they are adapted to various types of application. You can choose between:

Small outdoor floor tiles that have dimensions like 20×20 cm or 30×30 cm that are easy to lay.

large outdoor floor tiles

Medium outdoor porcelain tiles such as 45×45 cm or 60×60 cm, which correspond to all types of spaces from the smallest to largest ones. Therefore, these dimensions are the most commonly chosen.

Large exterior floor tiles with dimensions of 90×90 cm or 60×120 cm that visually widen your outdoor space. In addition, the various effects can therefore create a very specific and unique atmosphere, whether it be contemporary and refined or traditional and natural. For instance, wood effect tiles reproduce the classic dimensions of parquet strips, such as 30×120 cm.

Advantages of outdoor ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles offer major advantages compared to other materials used for outdoor flooring. Indeed, outdoor floor tiles are highly resistant to water and humidity, among other things, and therefore are the perfect choice for swimming pool areas. They are also resistant to frost and bad weather conditions which makes them adapted to an outdoor laying.

It is also important to highlight that the aesthetic aspect of exterior floor tiles does not change over time. In other words, even when exposed to the UV rays of the sun, outdoor tiles do not lighten or darken. Their finish and colour remain intact. This advantage should not be overlooked, as other natural materials require special treatments so that they preserve their original aesthetic appearance. In addition, outdoor porcelain tiles are extremely resistant to bad weather conditions, humidity and frost, which are important factors when laying outdoors.

Ceramic outdoor tiles also resist well to wear and tear, and are particularly suitable for driveways, for example, where loads are particularly heavy. In this case, the weight resistance ratio is quite favourable.

In addition to the various aesthetic aspects and technical properties, exterior tiles are easy to maintain because stains can be easily removed. Daily, all you need is a little warm water to clean tiles and that is all there is to it! Therefore, porcelain outdoor tiles do not require any special treatment.

Therefore, if well maintained, your outdoor ceramic tiles appear as a good investment as their appearance will not change over time and tiles will look like new even after several years.

Frequently asked questions on outdoor floor tiles

Should some aesthetic effects be avoided for outdoor flooring?

The advantage of ceramic outdoor tiles is that not only do they perfectly reproduce various materials thanks to advanced technologies, but they also have the technical properties of porcelain stoneware. This means that you are in no way limited in your choice and you can opt for imitations of materials such as stone, concrete or wood, which in their natural form require generally special and complicated treatments.

Do outdoor tiles resist to humidity?

Porcelain outdoor tiles are not sensitive to water or humidity, and may be laid in damp environments such as a swimming pool for example. In addition, exterior floor tiles also resist to frost and bad weather conditions. This means that you no longer have to worry about flaking or breaches caused by frost or humidity.

Do outdoor ceramic tiles require any specific treatment?

Outdoor tiles do not need any specific treatment. Ceramic is above all a hygienic material and does not favour bacteria thanks to its low porosity. The absorption of this material is near zero due to the vitrification of the material. That makes it resistant to frost and prevents stains as well as mould and lichens from getting into its surface. That is why no treatment against degradation in necessary unlike wood, concrete or natural stones that are more porous materials.

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