Tomette effect tiles

For a few years now, the tomette (terracotta) tile has been one of the main decoration trends. By taking up the visual aspect of the traditional tomette, it brings an undeniable charm to your spaces, be it indoors and outdoors. In addition, tomette imitation ceramic tiles offer many advantages, especially in terms of maintenance. What are the inspirations for this type of tile? In which rooms should you choose porcelain stoneware tiles with a terracotta/tomette effect? Novoceram explains it all for you.

What is a tomette tile?

The design of tomette imitation tiles is inspired by terracotta tiles, with an average width of 8 to 20 cm, which are mainly found in old houses in the south of France, especially in Provence. Authentic tomette is distinguished by a very marked red color; kind of dark red. The putting of tomettes requires a specific technique; indeed, after preparing a bedding mortar – which thus forms the binder -, the tiler craftsman must constitute a fresh screed on which the tomettes will be laid.

The tomette effect porcelain stoneware tile is the result of industrial production. It looks like traditional tiles, particularly with its shape and it can reproduce a wide variety of colors.

Tomette imitation tiles are available in two main tile shapes, to be chosen according to your aesthetic preferences:
● Hexagonally-shaped tiles
Also known as Provençal tomettes because of their great popularity in homes in the south of France, hexagonal tomettes, as their name suggests, have six sides.
● Octagonally-shaped tiles
Possessing eight sides, octagonal tiles are slightly less common. Laid with cabochons – a square piece that fills in the spaces left empty by the tomettes – these tiles offer an elegant and original visual result, especially when their shade contrasts with the cabochons. This type of flooring is often found in the kitchen or bathroom.

What are the characteristics of imitation porcelain stoneware tiles?

As we mentioned earlier, tomette (terracotta) effect tiles have a visual aspect that perfectly imitates traditional terracotta tiles. These porcelain stoneware tiles are industrially produced and have a much higher resistance than terracotta tiles.

Porcelain stoneware tile effect: how to choose?

Do you have a project of redoing your floor with tomette tiles, but are afraid that this type of flooring may not be suitable for your interior? Discover now the different criteria to take into consideration, and that you should carefully evaluate before proceeding with your purchase and starting your work.

The style of your interior

It is important to know the style of decoration you like, as well as the atmosphere you wish to create inside your house or apartment. Indeed, your floor tiles will be visible to everyone at all times, so they must combine style and discretion, for a characteristic covering that matches the rest of your furnishings and decoration. This is why tomette imitation porcelain stoneware tiles are an attractive alternative with an undeniably timeless style.

The heating method

The way you heat your home also has a major influence on the choice of your floor covering, especially if you have underfloor heating. In this case, your flooring should be made of materials that are particularly resistant to deformation and heat, without necessarily blocking it. With its great thermal qualities and resistance to wear and tear, tomette effect tiles are the best choice.

Ease of maintenance

Ideally, your new floor covering should be easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis. This is why tomette imitation tiling, with their porcelain stoneware tiles, is the best solution. It has the advantage of being particularly easy to clean, using soapy water and a clean sponge. Although it has the same visual appearance as traditional tomette tiles, tomette effect tiles are not very porous and are not subject to stains.

In which part of the house should the tomette tiles be laid?

Be it handmade or industrial, this type of tile can be used in many areas of your home, for a rustic and country atmosphere with timeless charm.

The kitchen

Laying tomette effect tiles on your kitchen floor will bring an old-fashioned charm that will perfectly match with this indoor part of your house. The retro and Mediterranean look of the tomette tile will blend perfectly with the shared joy of cooking activities carried out with the family. In addition, as mentioned earlier, it is easy to clean up, should it be stained.

The dining room

The tomette imitation tiles will ideally suit your living- or dining room. Its bright and warm colors will be synonymous with conviviality; an essential quality for the decoration of your living room, wherein you can share unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

The bathroom

In perfect contrast with the immaculate white of your sanitary installations such as the sink, the bathtub or the shower, the charm of the tomette (terracotta) tile will also have its little effect in your bathroom. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is subject to moisture and various stains from the products you use every day. The tomette effect tile is therefore perfect for covering its floor. In addition, you can choose a more contemporary design thanks to the different patterns and colors at your disposal.

Solicit Novoceram services

As you can see, tomette imitation tiles will suit perfectly in any space of your home. Novoceram, a French specialist in the ceramic sector, will help you develop and implement your flooring project.

Created at the end of the 19th century in the Drôme department, the company designs and manufactures high-quality products, mostly in France, in an ecologically friendly manner; with this having become the brands DNA. Respect for the environment and human beings are indeed at the heart of Novoceram’s work, which is now one of the most reputable manufacturers in its field.

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Tomette imitation tiles

Frequently asked questions regarding the tomette tiles

How to maintain the tomette effect tiles?

Imitation tomette tiles are free of the porosity in classic terracotta, and do not require any particular treatment to prevent stains and dirt. You can clean this type of tile using neutral soap water. It is also possible to use aggressive cleaning products. Then scrub and clean gently, to get a tile that will be as bright as when you first laid it.

Is the tomette effect tile suitable for a wall covering?

Being most often seen in a kitchen or bathroom, wall cladding is usually used to protect a wall near a stove, sink, basin or bathtub. The tomette effect tile is less prone to stains and very resistant to moisture, thus making it very suitable as a wall covering, whatever the room you want to decorate. In addition, the possibilities of colors and patterns are varied, so this type of porcelain stoneware tile allows you to match your flooring to your personal taste in terms of decoration.

Can we use a tomette (terracotta) tile on a staircase?

When beautifying a staircase, tomette tiles is an option to consider, in order to give it a new look. However, it is advisable to install it only on the steps, to obtain a more modern look. You can, for example, paint the riser with a light, neutral color. As a key element of your interior, your staircase will have an undeniable cachet.

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