80×80 cm Tiles

With its sleek, designer look, 80×80 large-format tiles minimise the number of joints, adding a sense of lightness to the space, especially as optical interruptions are reduced. This format, with its refined, modern identity, also has the ability to bring out the best in the tiles’ stylistic features. An 80×80 tile embodies elegance and can be used to create rather contemporary spaces, although they can cover the floors and walls of any space regardless of its decorative style. 80×80 tiles follow the current trend for large formats, which is invading all indoor and outdoor spaces, whether residential, public or commercial.

The collections of tiles in the 80x80 format

Why choose 80×80 tiles?

There are a number of reasons why 80×80 porcelain stoneware has great potential for decoration. Firstly, its large format conveys a sense of space and accentuates volume. Secondly, the various aesthetic aspects are well highlighted simply because they suddenly catch the eye. In this case, even the smallest details of the 80×80 porcelain stoneware tiles come to life and take centre stage in the design. Indoor and outdoor environments take on a charming, distinguished look. In other words, this format, combined with the aesthetic effect that best suits the style of the room, works wonders when it comes to decoration.


It is important to choose the aesthetic aspect of the tiles carefully, because large-format 80×80 tiles set them off to their best advantage and make them the protagonists of the decor. With this in mind, Novoceram has developed collections with sleek, elegant styles to suit all decorative preferences.

Firstly, the effect of the stone dresses the 80×80 slab with unequalled delicacy. The nobility and character of the stone are faithfully reproduced for an authentic result. Every characteristic is present, from the minerality of the stone to its imperfect nature sculpted by time, thanks in particular to the use of new technologies. This format is ideal because it reveals new details every day and gives the impression of having new tiles every day.

80×80 tiles are also inspired by concrete and cement for a more casual look. This option guarantees an industrial style worthy of a workshop. Indeed, the style of the modern concrete surface combined with a large format only serves to highlight the raw, natural beauty of this material.

Last but not least, the walls should not be forgotten, and can be covered to match the ambience of the room. Ceramic wallpaper can be applied to walls to give them a unique, personalised look. The patterns on the 80×80 wallpaper-effect tiles are cheerful and colourful, bringing cheerfulness to the walls for a cheerful and surprising interior. Used in small touches, imitation wallpaper tiles become the central element of decoration and give a singular style to any space, even those that usually can’t accommodate classic wallpaper.

Generally speaking, large-format 80×80 tiles come in sober, neutral colours that blend in perfectly with any environment. From ivory to grey to taupe, the palette is wide and offers shades to suit every style requirement. For example, ivory tiles can brighten up a room with their delicate hues, while the timeless grey tiles contribute to the design of sober, modern environments.

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