5×60 Tiles

The 5×60 ceramic tile presents itself as an interesting element in decoration as it adorns the walls of any space, but it can also transform its dimensions from a visual point of view. For example, 5×60-cm tiles can be used to create mosaic effects, brick walls or even to draw decorative borders and friezes. Indeed, alone or in combination with other formats such as 10×60 or even 15×60, 5×60 porcelain tiles enrich the laying patterns of both floor and wall tiles in larger formats. It easily brings out the colour and formats of the wall tiles, and gives therefore a trendy aesthetic touch.

Our 5x60 tile collections

Why are 5×60-cm tiles considered an additional decorative element?

The 5×60 tile size decorates walls in an original and unique way. It is mainly used for separating wall tiling, which it enhances. In addition, it is possible to combine 60×5-cm tiles with floor tiles to ensure a form of harmony within the same room. The range of aesthetic aspects adapts to all decorative styles, however different they may be, and at the same time fulfils all aesthetic wishes. Not only does this format produce a sophisticated effect when deliberately placed between the multiple rows of wall tiles, but it also plays with tile shapes to create a geometrical and artistic work.

The aesthetic effects and colours of 5x60-cm porcelain tiles

From the beginning, Novoceram has focused its attention on the aesthetic variety of its various collections with a vision of satisfying many aesthetic desires. This is why we have constantly invested in technological development in order to offer faithful reproductions of natural or modern materials.

One of the great sources of inspiration is natural stone, a material that has been used in the construction sector since the dawn of time. Stone effect tiles appear as a suitable option that succeeds in making any environment natural and fresh. In this case, the noble and pronounced character of stone can cover any surface with 5×60 ceramic tiles to create an atmosphere of authenticity and splendour.

Though stone is often a witness of passing of time, its reproduction on the 5×60 tile is contemporary and follows the trends of our time. The characteristic details of this material, present on the ceramic version, manage to enrich all kinds of spaces visually. As such, the imperfections of stone, such as its irregularities, roughness and veins, become strong points that enhance interior decoration.

Among the rich palette of colours, the 60×5 tiles are available in a grey colour, which blends in wonderfully with all rooms and outdoor areas. Indeed, grey tiles are known for their neutrality, which however reveals an abundance of shades and nuances, from light grey to anthracite. For a warmer result, you can also choose a dark beige or even taupe colour, which will in no time at all create a welcoming atmosphere in the room.

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