120×120 cm Tiles

120×120 tiles allow you to think big… In fact, you need to have seen a large-format 120×120 tile in person to really understand its dimensions and how incredibly different it is from any tile you’ve seen before. These tiles, considered to be the largest, manage to change the proportions of large spaces as well as the perception of tiling in general. Whether in large commercial areas, public buildings or residential contexts, 120×120 tiles virtually eliminate the optical interruptions caused by joints, embodying elegance in its purest form. The aesthetic themes interpreted follow current trends and are also transported into a new dimension.

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Why opt for XXL tiles?

Porcelain stoneware is XXL, pushing back the boundaries of traditional interior design. These dimensions open up an infinite range of possibilities when it comes to designing spaces, and even open the door to the world of luxury decoration. The sobriety and elegance of the 120×120 tile is unrestricted and displays its luxurious character in any environment. As a result, another level of design and personalisation of spaces is achievable. Large 120×120 tiles do away with the superfluous and instantly draw attention to their material, which can be fully expressed. Of course, beyond its aesthetic appeal, Novoceram’s XXL tiles are made from porcelain stoneware, so they have all the technical advantages.


The strong identity of 120×120 tiles is therefore unique, giving life to trendy, avant-garde creations. The reduction in optical interruptions results from the limited number of joints, given the large surface area of the tiles. That’s why, in this particular case, 120×120 tiles invade the space with their beauty and it’s the material of the tile that comes to the fore.

First and foremost, large format 120×120 tiles reproduce the look of concrete and breathe new life into the interpretation of the material. Here, as the joints disappear, graphics play an important role in decorating the room. The light scratches and fine stripes that dot the surface of the cement concrete effect tiles become a decorative element in their own right, delicately supporting the mood of the room for a trendy result.

Metal has also been used as a source of inspiration to create a modern, designer wall and floor covering. Metal-effect tiles have a very special nature, as their appearance is best revealed by the effect of light. The metallic reflections come to life to enhance the space and give it a contemporary feel.

Interior and exterior spaces can also be given a natural, noble touch with stone-effect tiles. The rich, pure beauty of this material is reproduced in ceramic versions with surprising fidelity. XXL tiles reinforce this luxurious character with their large dimensions that are synonymous with modernity.

The highly decorative surface of 120×120 tiles is also evident in their colours. For example, grey tiles come in an infinite number of subtle shades, from light grey to anthracite, which enrich and enhance the material of the surface. Then, for a bright result, ivory tiles can be considered a good solution. On the other hand, for a warm and welcoming result, taupe tiles can sometimes show oxidised highlights that create pleasant contrasts.

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