60×120 cm Tiles

Large-format 60×120 rectangular tiles are a good alternative to more traditional square tiles. Characterised by a pure, contemporary look, 60×120 tiles give an impression of space thanks to the reduced number of joints, which do not interrupt the continuity of the surface. This size of tile combines perfectly with the 60×60 format, giving rise to geometric-type decorative creations. This makes it suitable for any project, whether large commercial or residential. Perfect for tiling large areas, 60×120 tiles offer a surface texture that interprets the characteristics of other materials such as stone, concrete or metal. Each collection contributes to the creation of uniquely stylish spaces.

The collections of tiles in the 60x120 format

Why is 60×120 porcelain stoneware the right choice?

120×60 porcelain stoneware tiles can be used in any space, for both floors and walls, for a highly modern style. These large-format tiles are perfect for use in spacious environments, where they exude an elegant modernity. 120×60 tiles have a contemporary look that invades and conveys a sense of space. These tiles take over the space and magnify it, giving it a contemporary and original look.


The aesthetic appeal of tiles plays a key role in the choice of coverings. Whether on the floor or the walls, tiles often complement the existing decoration. It is therefore very important for Novoceram to design a wide variety of effects to meet every aesthetic requirement.

First and foremost, natural stone is a rich source of inspiration. The many details of this noble material, which may seem minimal, become the protagonists of ceramic reproduction. In this way, both visually and to the touch, the very essence of stone is replicated so faithfully that no difference is visible on imitation stone tiles. Its elegance, character and presence will take full advantage of your space for a result of profound authenticity.

Secondly, the concrete effect of 60×120 porcelain stoneware can enhance an interior with a more contemporary or even industrial style. Concrete-effect tiles can also blend in with more traditional decorations, adding a touch of modernity. To achieve a similar result, design effect tiles are a good option, thanks in particular to their trendy appearance that cannot be imitated.

Finally, Novoceram has drawn its inspiration from metal to replicate its aesthetic on 60×120 tiles, where their metallic reflections come to life in natural light and illuminate the entire space. The surface is therefore rich in detail and has undeniable decorative power.

When it comes to colours, the collections offer a wide range to ensure that each shade matches the desired ambience. The colour taupe warms the atmosphere and makes it welcoming, while ivory tiles brighten up the space. Then, of course, there’s the 60×120 grey tile, which, with its sober nature and delicate shades, blends into any environment.

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