Bohème bathrooms

Private residences
  • City, Country
  • Le Pontet, France
  • Year
  • 2022
  • Description
  • Chez Sophie” by Alta Mente is a renovation, layout and interior design project located just outside Avignon. The approach adopted by the agency was to highlight the soul of this manor house with its Haussmann-style features and to incorporate decorative elements that reflect the surrounding nature and energies, striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

    Decoration choices were guided by the presence of cement tiles, with the use of noble materials such as linen, velvet, wicker and wood to create soft, welcoming spaces. The Bohème collection has found its place in the two upstairs bathrooms, one in the master suite with the Lace motif and the other in the children’s bathroom with the Twirl motif. In this way, Bohème creates continuity between these two spaces, each with its own identity. The colour palette chosen reflects a soothing softness.
    Photo credits: © Sabine Serrad