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The garage is sometimes overlooked when designing the interior of the house, but tiling is of vital importance. Indeed, basements, cellars and other rooms where aesthetics are of little importance nevertheless require a floor covering that is resistant to shocks and the movement of tools. Furthermore, garage tiles must be able to be driven on, and this is particularly true of porcelain stoneware, which has all these robust characteristics. Once the garage tiles have been laid on the floor, dust will no longer be a problem and cleaning will be easier. It is therefore important to choose a covering that can meet the various requirements of these places. In this case, porcelain tiles for garage are certainly the right answer.

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Garage ceramic tiles: choosing the right covering

Garage porcelain tiles are ideally suited for use in this room. This is due, among other things, to its many technical properties, including the material’s robustness, its resistance to impact and the fact that it can also be driven on. Stoneware tiles can therefore easily cover the floor in this area and even add an aesthetic note. Indeed, since the functionality of these places is a priority, their aesthetic aspect is often put aside. Nevertheless, it is always nice to have some form of decoration, even if it is minimal, for example by focusing on the floor covering.

Aesthetic effects and colours of garage tiles

Despite the importance given to the function of the room, it is pleasant to create a minimum of decoration. This is why Novoceram has decided to combine the technicality of porcelain stoneware with the aesthetics of various materials that are faithfully reproduced on the surface of the tiles thanks to the latest technology.

First of all, this room is the ideal place to create a decor worthy of the old workshops. The concrete-effect tile has a surface rich in detail that reflects the use of industrial tools such as the spatula. Thus, it manages to create a sober and modern atmosphere reminiscent of American lofts. Secondly, porcelain tiles for garage can also take on the appearance of metal. The metallic reflections of this special garage tile give the space a trendy atmosphere. In addition, the neutral colours fit in perfectly with the basement design.

Ceramic tiles for garage can also take on a more modern and designer identity. Modern effect tiles can be used to create timeless spaces with a unique style. Each collection contributes to the construction of an elegant and discreet space, but can also add a touch of fantasy with its sometimes patterned surface.

In addition, the stone effect can be installed on porcelain stoneware garage tiles to invite nature into this storage room. This option perfectly combines the splendour of this coveted material with the robustness of sandstone, which is more than necessary in this particular context.

Finally, garage porcelain tiles replicate the look of resin with its soft nature. Often used within industrial buildings, this effect echoes the functionality of the flooring and therefore emphasises the function it plays in this area. This faithful reproduction reflects the neutral character of the resin and blends in perfectly with the space.

The colours of porcelain tiles for garage often quite sober and neutral. Indeed, since decoration is relegated to the background, it is often easy to opt for rather versatile shades. For example, grey tiles can be chosen because their many shades match the atmosphere of the room. From light grey to anthracite, each of the shades dresses the room in a simple and effective way. On the other hand, if your shed is located in the basement, you may want to consider ivory or beige tiles, which have the ability to bring in light. In addition, these different tones have the advantage of hiding dirt more easily rather than making it stand out.

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