Novoceram’s products comply with HQE standards

The ecological commitment of Novoceram

Novoceram combines tradition in the art of ceramics that is more than a century-old with dynamic and lively flair that allows it to offer the market refined collections, the result of the union between age-old knowhow and innovative trends.
Founded in 1863, in Saint Vallier sur Rhône, today Novoceram represents the authentic values of French elegance thanks to products that are technologically advanced and in keeping compliance with the most important standards and certifications where quality and respect for the environment are of paramount importance.
Novoceram is committed to ensuring that all its products are made in complete respect of the environment, from the selection of raw materials to the final disposal, through to the recycling of waste.
Similarly, Novoceram carries on an ambitious and concrete ecological policy that has led the company to adopt an ISO 14001 certified environment management systems, thanks to investments in production plants with the aim of reducing energy consumption. This important choice reiterates Novoceram’s commitment to the safeguarding of our planet.

The HQE in brief:

This initiative, promoted by the HQE Association, is made up of public and collective bodies that represent professionals in the world of construction. The Association has a two-fold objective:
– the reduction of the environmental impact of construction
– to encourage the building of comfortable, ecological and healthy ambiances
The Association has established a list of 14 goals which the materials used in construction should be aiming to achieve.

Novoceram products meet 8 out of these 14 objectives:

– The 3 eco-conception objectives
– The 2 health objectives
– The 3 comfort objectives


How do Novoceram products fit into the environmental policy of HQE?

Objective 1 Blending into the surrounding landscape . An appropriate choice of the tiles for outdoors blends the building better into the environment also from an aesthetic point of view
Objective 2 Integrated choice of products, systems and construction processes . Ceramic product resistance
. The ceramic product is inert and therefore has fewer disposal issues at the end of the life-cycle.
. Classification A1fl–fire-proof
. Classification E3 in UPEC: water-resistant
. Easy maintenance
. Absence of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde (environmental labeling A+)
. No emission of lead or cadmium
Objective 3 Low-impact building site . Tiles are inert products and therefore not hazardous. Novoceram tiles are packaged in recyclable cardboard, placed on recyclable or reusable timber pallets and covered with plastic that can be recycled in a specialized supply chain. This facilitates the management of waste on the building site
Objective 8 Thermal comfort . Novoceram tiles are suitable for installation where there is an under floor heating/cooling system.
Objective 10 Visual Comfort . Carefully thought out aesthetics and the chromatic shades of Novoceram tiles contribute to the aesthetic rendering of the indoor furnishing.
Objective 11 Olfactory comfort . The environmental classification of Novoceram tiles is A +, as they do not have COV emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds).
. By nature they are inert and therefore odorless.
Objective 12 Salubrious environment . Novoceram ceramic tiles are resistant to stains, to acid and to bases, in accordance with the NF EN ISO 10545-13 and NF EN ISO 10545-14 standards.
. The porosity of porcelain stoneware tiles (colored and glazed) is very low. For this reason ceramic tiles do not encourage the proliferation of fungus or bacteria.
. They are easily cleaned
Objective 13 Air salubriousness . The environmental classification of Novoceram tiles is A +, as they do not have COV emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds). This guarantees the final user a pollution free indoor environment.

Would you like further information on Environment and Quality?

Environment and Quality
Environment and Quality

Quality and respect for the environment are two core values of Novoceram. Proof of this is the current environmental project, the management of the life cycle of products and important certifications obtained over the years.

Life cycle of Novoceram products
Life cycle of Novoceram products

The 5 steps of the life cycle of Novoceram products: raw materials and energy, production, transportation, use and disposal.

Novoceram ecological chart
Novoceram ecological chart

The ecological chart of Novoceram in 14 points: recycling and re-use of waste, water efficiency, reduction of the emission into the atmosphere, etc…

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