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Osmose - Wall and floor tiles in hexagonal format

Novoceram, French ceramic producer since 1863, unveils a collection of tiles in decorated porcelain stoneware for interior floors and walls in hexagonal format.

Osmose is a collection of tiles in decorated porcelain stonewaree that Novoceram, French ceramic producer since 1863, has designed for interior and exterior floors and walls.

Osmose was created from the desire to show, in all its beauty, the rainbow of colours that characterises Novoceram’s Ojala series. The wealth of shades and the variety in the design is intended to give a new breath to a classic format of the ceramic industry, the hexagon. The result is a decorative product ideal for both floor and wall coverings, providing colour and personality to the environment in which it is laid.

Osmose is available in four versions. Geom Clair, with a sunny appearance and warm, vibrant colours set in geometric shapes that give dynamism to the product. In the Geom Foncé version, the same geometric shapes take on a modern character through a combination with darker, cooler colours. Geom Noir & Blanc changes again, loses its colour armour and reveals its rigorous structure of lines, polygons and sections emphasised by a particularly contemporary greyscale colour choice that finds its warm heart in the ochre details. Finally, Osmose mutates and unfolds into something completely different: an explosion of organic shapes and bright colours that give life to Floral. In this latest version, four more colours are added to complement the already vast range of previous versions.

Three solid colours derived from the Ojala colours are also available: Osmose Ocre, Osmose Sable and Osmose Cendre.

Osmose is only available in the hexagonal 25×21.6 format with a thickness of 9 mm. The four articles can be used alone, combined with the three proposed plain colours, but also with stone, marble and wood effect tiles. These make Osmose a versatile product, suitable for floors, kitchen backsplashes, boiserie and showers.

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INTENDED USE: Floor and wall tiles for indoor use
TECHNOLOGY: Decorated porcelain stoneware
COLOURS: Geom Clair, Geom Foncé, Floral, Ocre, Cendre, Sableé
TILE SIZES: 25×21.4


ISO EN 9001: norm that sets out the requirements related to the company’s quality management system that is part of a continual improvement at all levels which include: customer relations, willingness to communicate, internal organisation, relations with suppliers and production processes.
ISO EN 14001 : norm that sets out the requirements related to the environmental management system, based on environmental commitment, on strict standards and increasingly ambitious goals that the company has implemented to control and reduce its impact on the environment and to improve its performance continuously.
ISO EN 50001 : norm that sets out the requirements related to energy management systems. This certification, driven by the wish to better control and optimise energy consumption, is the logical continuation of a continual improvement approach and an environmental commitment.


UPEC Classification: determines if the products are suitable for the premises for which they were designed. The ISO standards define the criteria used for this classification that evaluate the resistance of tiles to wear, puncturing, water, stains and chemicals.
Indoor emissions: index which measures emissions of volatile substances posing a risk of inhalation toxicity. All our tiles are assigned A +, – the best note in this classification. Furthermore, as they do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), they even outperform all the requirements of the A+ classification.
– Novoceram products are involved in obtaining various ecological certifications for the construction industry such as the American certification, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Novoceram has also commissioned the PEF (Environmental Performance Footprint) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) of its products, which indicate the potential environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle.


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