Scenography - Stand , Cersaie
  • City, Country
  • Bologna, Italy
  • Year
  • 2012
  • Author
  • Novoceram
  • Description
  • Despite his gruff, the Bluebeard who has captured the stand Novoceram for this 30th edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna from 25 to 29 September 2012 is harmless and playful. Luckily we had all the keys!
    Hinter diesen hohen Mauern, die mit Cast 10 × 60 cm structuré bedeckt sind, hat Novoceram 6 Wunderräume und einen verbotenen Raum installiert, der das Geheimnis von Barbablu birgt, wie in der Geschichte von Charles Perrault, der Francesco Catalano, Autor des Projekts, inspirierte.Behind these high walls covered in Cast 10 × 60 cm Structuré, Novoceram installed in six rooms of wonders and a forbidden room that houses the secret of Bluebeard, as in the tale by Charles Perrault who inspired Novoceram.
    Upon entering the booth you immediately get the impression of infinite space. The long corridor never seems to end with a game of mirrors, reflections and perspectives. The entrance of each room is in the shape of a keyhole as a metaphor exclusive access for visitors of the stand, a real privilege granted by the landlord, often gloomy mood.On the eve of its 150 years, Novoceram want to highlight the 7 core values that have shaped its history and its evolution: Inspiration, Nature, France, Factory, Charm and Relationship presented by allegorical scenes in each box of the stand. The seventh value is hidden in the forbidden room, as in the story, to excite the curiosity of visitors.To begin their journey, visitors will find a « map » of what they are about to discover in the wall visible below.
    Then enter the room number 1 dedicated to the basis of research and product development: The Inspiration, and the sources from which emerged a new porcelain stoneware collection: Ciment. On the ceiling the color swatches and material and photos that have fed the inspiration of the developers of the project.
    The tour continues in room 2 which has as its theme the Charme, where curious objects, placed with grace and care contribute to the elegance of the environment, fragrant with hints of woods to commemorate the collection presented in floor and wall tiles: Noa, the ceramic parquet.
    In room No. 3 dedicated to the Relationship and the new series outdoor Orage, Novoceram showed the ability to exchange and listening closely to our customers and end users, symbolized by giant ears attached to video screens. Like last year with The Passion Project, the initiative Barbebleue has seen a notable impact on the social networks that Novoceram participates. The theme of the stand was revealed on the Facebook page and the backstage photos were shared with the fans across the full album.
    One of the screens is served to visitors to receive e-mail in real time the memory of their passage into the forbidden room. An additional way to Novoceram to show its responsiveness and integrate the latest technologies in the path of the stand.In the picture below, you can see the scenery of the room number 4 which is the Factory through the tools and machines used in the factory in the production process. On the walls of the collection Cast in its three finishes, the system of floating Outdoor plus with the new structure Cast 60 × 60 cm, thickness 2 cm.
    One of the core values of Novoceram is France, represented in the room n.5, covered by the collection Icône, and characterized by a huge tower of macarons, surrounded by baguettes suspended and crowned by the portraits of the most famous figures in French history.
    The route continues into the room 6 consecrated to Nature, a core value of our company philosophy ISO 14001: 2004 realizing ambitious goals as part of its environmental management system. The products, in turn Ecolabel certification, are designed for the environment, as the new collection inspired by Vertige a resin.
    At the end of this path visitors are keen to enter the forbidden room to discover the mystery. You need to register to access.
    The story of Bluebeard has been lightened by removing its sides making it all the gory fun and playful through the witty surprise the visitors to the forbidden room. All have come out safe and sound … and with a smile! Here are some examples of photos taken in the room 7. To discover all the other albums visit our Facebook page Novoceram.