40×80 tiles

The size of 40×80-cm tiles do wonders from a decorative point of view. Their aesthetic power and great versatility are some of the reasons why architects and interior designers use them as a key element in their projects. The rectangular shape is an option that changes from the usual and traditional square tile sizes. This is why they bring a soft original touch. Tiles of 40×80 cm are indeed much more than a geometrical form. They give life to both traditional and more audacious and unique compositions. This tile size can cover any wall and will leave a memorable impression. Thus, it is obvious that these measures must be adopted without hesitation.

Our collections of 40x80 tiles

The 40×80 tile size to magnify all surfaces

At a visual and functional level, 40×80-cm ceramic tiles offer a high number of possibilities. Whether it is their colours or finishes, their geometric nature or the layout plan, these ceramic tiles succeed in completely transforming spaces. Furthermore, they give continuity to walls so that these become a central element in decoration. As coatings are essential to define any room style, all there is left to do is choosing the adequate design.

What are the colours and aesthetic effects of 40x80 ceramic tiles?

Firstly, tiles that look like wallpaper can appear as an option. Designed as compositions of two tiles of 40×80, these collections and their unique patterns belong to different universes. However, they all reach the same objective of adding some personality into the room. Botanical patterns to demonstrate some poetry, enchanting worlds with legendary creatures or joyful and coloured motives… Each collection of 40×80 ceramic tiles becomes an infallible element to conceptualize indoor spaces!

Then, concrete look tiles, also available in the 40×80-cm tile size, give an unprecedented modernity. Its well-made surface constitutes an irrefutable proof of the extreme faithfulness in the ceramic reproduction. The raw texture of concrete as well as the imperfect tool marks decorate the tile surface and perfectly embody the identity of the inspiring material.

Another possibility that is becoming more and more valued is to opt for three-dimensional tiles. Halfway between wallpaper and traditional tiles, this creative coating manage to add some depth to flat surfaces. This is an excellent way of personalising interiors by adding elegant and sometimes more unusual motives. Moreover, three-dimensional structures play with relief and create various lighting effects that will certainly give life to walls.

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