Stone Effect Pool Tiles

Swimming pools are defined as true relaxing areas where relaxation becomes the keyword. To blend the pool area into a tropical and earthy setting, there’s no better choice than to opt for a naturally inspired tile. Stone look pool tiles combine the strength of ceramic with a contemporary design. Ceramic stone adds value to your indoor or outdoor pool. Stone effect pool tiles create an organic and clean look, from the pool surrounds to special elements such as coping stones.

Our collections of stone effect tiles for pools

A natural swimming pool with stone look tiles for swimming pools

Stone effect tiles for pool have an elegance that is hard to match. The authenticity of stone echoes natural and pure design styles but is also suitable for contemporary projects. The space is given a timelessness that can be expressed in both classic and more refined environments. Of course, pool tiles must meet various safety criteria, especially in terms of anti-slip qualities.

Advantages of stone look tiles for pools

Stone effect pool tiles made of porcelain stoneware have all the advantages of this resistant material. Ceramic tiles are therefore considered to be the ideal choice of covering for the pool and its surroundings, whether it is located indoors or outdoors.

Stone effect pool tiles

Firstly, ceramic tiles are particularly resistant to chemicals and pool salts. These two factors, which are essential for the daily maintenance of pools, do not affect the aesthetics of porcelain tiles, which retain their original look over the years.

So, it is possible to use more aggressive products also when you have to clean your pool deeply, although the daily maintenance of the tiles is simply done with clear water.

If your pool is outdoors, it is important to highlight that ceramic tiles strongly resist to bad weather and frost. This means that the tiles will not break even if they have to withstand sub-zero temperatures. This is due to the low porosity of ceramic, which does not absorb water.

Furthermore, ceramic tiles are also resistant to the action of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which do not cause any change in the colour or finish of the tile.

Of course, outdoor ceramic tiles are available in the same aesthetic effects as interior products. This means that the barriers between the interior and exterior of the house disappear, as the colour and size ranges of tiles are identical. Outdoor Plus tiles are ideal for outdoor use and can be used to extend the interior design to the terrace and pool area. The only difference is the thickness of the tiles: 9mm for the indoor tiles and 20mm for the outdoor tiles. These also have a different finish on their surface, which makes them more resistant to slipping.

Stone look pool tiles: what types of stone effects are available?

Before choosing the type of ceramic stone, it is essential to consider the design and decoration of the pool area. The advantage of stone effect pool tiles made of ceramic is that they reproduce the aesthetics of many natural stones while retaining the many qualities of this material.

First of all, Novoceram has carefully examined various natural stones. These come from all over the world, including France and Italy, and all have a unique character. The surface of tiles is always worked to perfectly reflect the details that make up the identity of this natural material, such as its roughness and veins, for example. Furthermore, natural stone tiles in ceramic can be used in modern settings as well as in more traditional environments, as the range of colours and structures can be used to create completely personalised spaces.
Natural stone tiles

Secondly, stone look tiles can reproduce the look of the famous Bali stone, which is perfectly suited to a pool design defined as tropical or exotic. The shades of this ceramic stone, which vary between grey, green and blue, create a heavenly setting and invite you to travel without having to go anywhere.

Travertine effect tiles

For a soft and elegant Mediterranean style, travertine effect tiles seem to be a suitable covering. Its delicate beige tones create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the pool.

If the pool area is located in the backyard, it may be possible to extend the stone effect terrace tiles right up to the pool to create a harmonious atmosphere. In this case, the barriers between the floor coverings disappear and an aesthetic harmony is created in your garden.

Frequently asked questions about stone effect tiles for swimming pool

How do I maintain stone effect pool tiles?

Stone look pool tiles are made of porcelain stoneware, which is a very resistant material. Daily maintenance is therefore very easy. Stains can be easily removed with clear water simply because ceramic tiles are virtually non-porous. A high-pressure cleaner can also be used in large outdoor areas.

What colour of stone look tiles of pool should I choose?

There is a wide range of tile colours to choose from. On the one hand, darker colours such as grey pool tiles are ideal for a clean, contemporary look. On the other hand, light colours such as beige or ivory are particularly suitable for a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere.

Stone effect tiles for swimming pools: in a small or large size?

There are many different sizes in the range of stone effect pool tiles, each of which is designed to define a particular style. For example, mosaic pool tiles appear as a classic product in this field and always create a neat result. Large tile sizes have recently become a trend and adorn the pool area while giving the space a light feel.

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