Intended Uses for Novoceram Tiles

Before choosing a floor, it is essential to assess carefully the room and the stresses to which it will be subjected, in terms of wear, cleaning, probability of receiving shocks, etc. It is suggested to adapt the choice of flooring to the stresses to which the product will be subjected: there may be no point in purchasing, or it may be unnecessarily expensive to purchase, an overly technical product for a residential environment.

  • Residential floors

    Residential floors

    Tiles for indoor residential floors meet aesthetic and stylistic criteria. As well as all the Charme range products, the single-fired products of the Projet range are also perfectly suitable.

  • bathroom tiles

    Bathroom Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are the ideal choice for particularly humid rooms, such as bathrooms. Ceramic is totally water-resistant and it is extraordinarily easy to clean, since it does not require any particular maintenance.

  • terrace tiles

    Terrace Tiles

    Terrace tiles - completely frost-resistant, like all Novoceram porcelain stoneware - have special surface adherence properties that make them a safe choice even in a often wet and potentially slippery space.

  • Commercial floors

    Commercial floors

    Through-colour porcelain stoneware and full-body technical porcelain stoneware tiles are the ideal choice for floors, such as those in commercial areas, often subject to mechanical stresses and intense trampling.

  • Hotels and Restaurants Floors

    Hotels & Restaurants Floors

    Restaurant and hotel floors are subject to particularly difficult conditions. The through-colour porcelain stoneware collections of the Novoceram Charme range are the perfect solution.

  • shop tiles

    Shop floors

    In a shop, the floor is a fundamental element of the interior design and it is often sufficient to characterise its style and atmosphere.

  • Swimming-Pool Tiles

    Swimming-Pool Tiles

    Pool edge tiles must meet strict surface adherence standards to minimise the risk of dangerous falls. Discover the structured non-slip products, with adherence coefficients no less than R11 and A+B+C.

  • carrelage grandes surfaces

    Large Surfaces

    In large public and commercial spaces you need a floor that can withstand the most intense stresses. The full-body technical porcelain stoneware tiles in the Novoceram Project catalogue are a quick and safe solution for these uses.

  • Garage Tiles

    Garage Tiles

    Garages are often forgotten but you can take pleasure, both functional and aesthetic, from choosing a floor in robust full-body technical porcelain stoneware tiles. They are indestructible and easy to clean.

  • Living room floor

    Living room floors

    The living room floor may play a major role or act as a discreet background to a room dedicated to daily activities and relaxation and it characterises its atmosphere and style as well.

  • Kitchen Tiles

    Kitchen Tiles

    In a room like a kitchen where people spend so much time, no solution is more versatile than ceramic floor or wall tiles to ensure maximum hygiene, make daily cleaning easy and to give a touch of style.

  • Toilet Tiles

    Toilet Tiles

    In toilets in shops and public places, Novoceram ceramic tiles are a safe and inexpensive solution for a healthy, clean and aesthetically pleasing space.

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