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The bedroom is a crucial room in the house and is defined as the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Its decoration must therefore reflect your desires in terms of interior design. In recent years, tiles for bedroom have made their way into this space to enhance its atmosphere.

Our collections of bedroom ceramic tiles

Choose Novoceram bedroom tiles

Novoceram collections of tiles for bedroom are made of porcelain stoneware, a strong material with many advantages. Not only does it have a strong and non-slip nature, but it is also easy to clean on a daily basis. From an aesthetic point of view, it manages to perfectly reproduce the look and details of many materials including wood, stone and marble or even cement tiles to personalise your bedroom.

The aesthetic effects of ceramic tiles for bedroom

Bedrooms offer the perfect occasion to decorate down to the smallest detail thanks to bedroom tiles that are available in a wide range of aesthetic effects and textures.

The many aesthetic effects of tiles for bedroom can be used to enhance both floors and walls. Thanks to the vast range, it is possible to create an accent wall, decorative friezes on the floor or even a transition with a bathroom in the master bedroom.

Bedroom tiles wall tiles

Wall tiles for bedroom
Bedroom tiles floor tiles

Floor tiles for bedroom

Wood look tiles for bedroom are a must-have for a warm and inviting room. Ceramic wood brings warmth, comfort and style in your room thanks to its wide variety of colours, from beige to brown and essences such as oak.

Bedroom tiles also reproduce modern materials such as concrete or design effects that create an industrial or contemporary decoration, respectively. When it comes to marble effect tiles, they turn your bedroom into a luxury suite by adding an elegant touch to your headboard, to your accent wall or to your floor.

Finally, for a retro style, cement tiles also inspire tiles for bedroom. Patterned of coloured, this aesthetic effect adds an original touch and can contrast with all decorating styles.

FAQ on bedroom tiles

What colour of porcelain tiles for bedroom should I choose?

Generally, when it comes to colours, we tend to choose rather neutral and soft colours that favour rest and relaxation. However, actual trends tend to break out of the mould. If you wish to have a luminous room with a Scandinavian style, bedroom tiles with light colours such as white or beige invite natural light to enter the room. On the other hand, dark colours, which include black, anthracite or brown, may be elegant for a bedroom. Easy to counterbalance, these colours perfectly emphasise the cocoon effect we look for in this room.

How can I clean ceramic bedroom tiles?

Porcelain stoneware is a material that is quick and easy to clean thanks to its low porosity. As a result, stains tend to remain on the tile surface and are simply cleaned with hot clear water and a mop. Chemical products with an aggressive nature may even be used without risk to deep clean ceramic tiles as they resist to any chemical attack. However, it is recommended to choose products of a professional brand.

Which bedroom tiles size should I choose?

Tiles for bedroom are available in a wide variety of sizes. Small tiles of 20×20 cm, for example, can be used partially on a wall or floor, as a frieze or a carpet. Medium bedroom tiles are a solid value as they are suitable for all room sizes. Finally, large tiles highlight the volume of the space and are therefore preferred in spacious bedrooms.

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