Ceramic tiles with glossy finish

Glossy tiles have long been an important part of interior design, and their presence has only increased over time. Elegant, smooth and easy to maintain, glossy porcelain tiles accentuates the natural brightness of the space by means of its polished surface. And with a wide variety of aesthetic effects available, it is easy to match it to any decorating style. This great classic promises to bring many spectacular effects to life in any environment. It even becomes a major advantage for both large rooms and smaller living areas.

Our glossy ceramic tile collections

The decorative value of glossy porcelain stoneware tiles

The strength of a glossy look lies in its classicism as well as in its aesthetics. Since this type of cladding has worked wonders for many years, it is a favourite choice for interior designers as it provides an original and unexpected source of light. This is because of the mirror effect it produces. It reflects the natural light of the space in the best possible way and gives rise to many light reflections. This is why glossy tiles can be recommended for installation both in rooms with little light, where it becomes an additional source of light, and in large, bright rooms to enhance its presence.

Glossy ceramic tiles: the aesthetic effects and colours available

Glossy tiles are designed to reflect natural and artificial light and enhance any space. Available in an infinite number of styles, they take on a diverse identity depending on the aesthetic aspect chosen.

Lovers of modern decoration can choose a concrete effect tile, which perfectly embodies the industrial spirit. Indeed, the surface of imitation cement tiles is often rich in detail and continually reveals the slight scratches and traces of the tools used to make it. The glossy finish of stoneware combined with the raw look of cement offers an unmistakable contemporary result.

Similar to this option, glossy porcelain tiles is also available in design effect tiles, which include collections that are both surprising and elegant. This aspect is indeed characterised by a certain decorative freedom that has made it possible to design unique collections. Some of them feature geometric or soft patterns that are highlighted by the glossy sheen.

There is also the azulejo effect tile which, with its shiny surface, is perfectly reminiscent of the material from which it was inspired. With or without decorations, it offers an authentic result, although its identity is revisited in a modern way.

Finally, natural materials are given pride of place in a glossy version. For example, glossy tiles reproduce the effects of natural stone with absolute precision. The fine inclusions and other marks, which are reminiscent of the passage of time, decorate the surface of each tile. In addition, the resin effect has been added to the glossy ceramic tile collections. This material, full of character and with a minimalist look, allows great freedom in terms of decoration while expressing its aesthetic value.

As far as colours are concerned, there is a wide range to suit all tastes. For example, there is the classic bright white tile colour, simple and dazzling. Other options include a wide range of grey shades that gently cover the polished surface of the tiles. For a decidedly more modern look, glossy black tiles can be recommended and define the character of the space.

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