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Matt tiles are now an important symbol of modernity in interior design. Thanks to continuous research into new materials, Novoceram is now able to offer tiles with a very low gloss, which makes the interpretation of certain materials, such as stone or cement, perfectly natural. Matte tiles for wall and floor add a touch of luxury to any space while giving it an authentic and contemporary identity. Instead of enhancing the light like glossy tiles, matt ceramic tiles present an apparent simplicity, which in reality reveals a multitude of details and manifests itself through its unique colours and textures.

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Matt tiles or how to introduce a bold sobriety in spaces

In contrast to the glossy finish, the matt finish absorbs the light instead of reflecting it. Therefore, it allows its full strength to be expressed through the colour and reproduction of the original material. In this way, matt porcelain tiles can create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere, even in large rooms. In other words, it gives a more subtle and sophisticated appearance to the surfaces it covers.

What are the aesthetic effects and colours of matt tiles?

The choice of aesthetic appearance and colour is of paramount importance in this case, as together they constitute the strength of the matte effect. Novoceram’s collections of matt ceramic tiles can easily be used to create an infinite number of different styles, such as modern, more classic or purely trendy decoration.

The concrete effect is becoming increasingly popular and is available in a matt version, so as to emphasise its distinctive range of details. It is also possible to opt for a stone effect tile where the matt nature of the tile brilliantly captures the mineral essence of the natural stone and reproduces it with unparalleled fidelity. It is therefore impossible to tell the difference between the natural material and the ceramic version. The space will gain in character and will not go unnoticed in any way. These two materials are certainly the most suitable for a matt style, as they become rough but delicate, without lacking character.

The traditional cement tiles are revisited and the ceramic reproduction offers a modern result for every project. Contemporary, geometric or elaborate designs become the protagonists because they are enhanced by the matt finish.

The matt tile in porcelain stoneware is also available in a resin look. This combination, which adds character to the space, works perfectly and is characterised by a pleasant play of contrasts between the glossy and opaque parts.

Finally, it is possible to choose designer tiles, which represent sophistication and elegance. This refinement blends perfectly with the matte style of the surface and together they satisfy the most distinguished of decorating preferences.

The selection of colours that make up the palette of tiles in matte finish is vast, as the chromatic nuances are an essential asset of this finish. Among them is the black matte tile, which represents the height of elegance, while the white matte tile gives a definite feeling of clarity. Warm in nature, the matte style, combined with the taupe or grey shade, reinforces this welcoming and friendly feeling.

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