An extraordinary natural look for a chromatic and materic interpretation of incredible impact, a reinterpretation of a stone originating from the Rhön mountain range in Central Germany. Of the five available colors, the “Original” hue faithfully reproduces the tremendous difference in appearance and color between the different fragments present in the natural stone.


  • Oz Clair

    Oz Clair
    60x120 cm24"x48"rectifiedG086r10 - ab
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedG045U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
    30x60 cm12"x24"rectifiedG028U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
  • Oz Clair structured anti-slip

    Oz Clair
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedG018U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r11 - ab
    10x60 cm4"x24"rectifiedG037r11 - ab
  • Oz Froid

    Oz Froid
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedG047U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
    30x60 cm12"x24"rectifiedG030U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
  • Oz Froid structured anti-slip

    Oz Froid
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedG020U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r11 - ab
    10x60 cm4"x24"rectifiedG039r11 - ab
  • Oz Foncé

    Oz Foncé
    60x120 cm24"x48"rectifiedG042r10 - ab
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedG046U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
    30x60 cm12"x24"rectifiedG031U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
  • Oz Foncé structured anti-slip

    Oz Foncé
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedG021U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r11 - ab
    10x60 cm4"x24"rectifiedG038r11 - ab
  • Oz Original

    Oz Original
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedG048U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
    30x60 cm12"x24"rectifiedG032U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10 - ab
  • Oz Original structured anti-slip

    Oz Original
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedG022U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r11 - ab
    10x60 cm4"x24"rectifiedG040r11 - ab


  • Oz Clair 3 column mosaic

    Oz Clair
    45x45 cm18"x18"rectifiedG059
  • Oz Froid 3 column mosaic

    Oz Froid
    45x45 cm18"x18"rectifiedG061
  • Oz Foncé 3 column mosaic

    Oz Foncé
    45x45 cm18"x18"rectifiedG060
  • Oz Original 3 column mosaic

    Oz Original
    45x45 cm18"x18"rectifiedG062


  • Oz Métal Griffé Angle

    Oz Métal Griffé
    1,5x1,5 cm0,6"x0,6"C229_9
  • Oz Métal Griffé Listel

    Oz Métal Griffé
    1,5x45 cm0,6"x18"C228_9
  • Oz Bombe Chrome Listel

    Oz Bombe Chrome
    0,7x45 cm0,28"x18"C853_8
  • Oz Bombé Cuivre Listel

    Oz Bombé Cuivre
    0,7x45 cm0,28"x18"C854_8
  • Oz Architecture Listel

    Oz Architecture
    1x60 cm0,4"x24"D190_9


Oz Clair
Oz Froid
Oz Foncé
Oz Original
Baseboard <span style="white-space:nowrap;">3"x24"</span>

Baseboard 3"x24"

Corner step <span style="white-space:nowrap;">12"x24"</span>

Corner step 12"x24"



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