10×60-cm Tiles

The 10×60 tiles are long and rectangular and make up an original variation of the traditional square tile. Adapted to both walls and floors, 10×60 ceramic tiles can be combined in a variety of laying patterns to give life to a geometrical and elegant result. This possibility of combining square tiles with rectangular tile sizes creates a unique design for interior and exterior spaces. Indeed, the 10×60 tile size is available in a wide range of colour variations and aesthetic effects so that your place can reflect your decorative tastes.

Our 10x60-cm ceramic tile collections

The decorative value of 10×60 tiles

The 10×60-tile size contributes in characterising modern interiors with elegance and efficiency, and is particularly suitable for walls. Its use can lead to geometric designs to create a play of shapes within a single space. Combined with a medium-sized square tile, for example, 10×60 tiles are an excellent way to create a room with a singular nature where the walls stand out. The atmosphere is quite harmonious and inspires relaxation and a sense of cocooning. Finally, another strong point of 10×60 porcelain tiles is that their elegance can blend in all types of spaces, regardless of their size.

What colours and aesthetic effects are available for 10x60-cm tiles?

Novoceram gives great importance to aesthetics and is committed to providing elaborate looks. The reproductions of the materials, which are a great source of inspiration, are extremely faithful and take precision to the highest level, using technological advances.

Stone effect tiles
The 10×60 stone effect tile is the result of a thorough and meticulous study of the natural material. It reproduces the look of stone in a sophisticated and original way, in various shades, from the softest to the most intense. Stone effect tiles evolve through their time and enhance spaces by giving them a new dimension. The authentic and historic touch is faithfully interpreted in ceramic tiles, which reproduce even the latest details that make up the charm of stone. As such, the texture, roughness and other imperfections that are considered the most important characteristics of stone enrich the surface of tiles for an authentic and fascinating result.

The realistic reproduction of natural stone is available in a rich range of colours that all create different atmospheres. It is possible to choose 10×60-cm tiles in light colours, such as beige for example, which softens the strong character of natural stone. On the other hand, the taupe colour warms up the atmosphere while bringing this elegant material into your room. Finally, for a contemporary effect, the 10×60 grey tiles offer a wide palette of shades – both light and dark – all of which blend in perfectly with your decoration.

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