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Since the times of Ancient Rome, Travertine stone has been considered a leading product in the building sector and has been used for the construction of many historical buildings. It is therefore a great source of inspiration. This is why Novoceram has thoroughly studied the natural material in order to create the travertine ceramic tile. The product combines the aesthetics of this limestone with the strength of porcelain stoneware in a balanced way. The timeless elegance of travertine-look porcelain tiles goes well together with any decoration style, from classic to more contemporary spaces. It is time to embrace the growing design trend of bringing nature into our homes.

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How to invite nature into any space with travertine-effect porcelain tiles?

This stone effect creates a relaxing space that becomes a real natural sanctuary, ideal for relaxing and feeling at ease. Since travertine look tiles allow you to feel close to nature, they spread a pleasant feeling of well-being in any room. In this way, your home becomes a place of relaxation where you can recharge your batteries. Every room that is decorated with these tiles establishes a close relationship with nature and exudes a soft, warm charm through its beige colour. The aesthetic result of ceramic travertine is a beautiful and fresh stone effect, which is highly resistant and easy to maintain on a daily basis thanks to the technical properties of porcelain stoneware.

What are the uses of travertine effect tiles?

Novoceram tiles are made of porcelain stoneware and this is their main advantage. Their versatility makes them deeply appreciated. Given their technical characteristics, they adapt easily to any environment and can therefore be laid without risk, provided you choose the right product.

Firstly, this natural stone effect suits any interior room. In this way, the house opens its doors to nature and invites it to become an integral part of interior design. In any space, such as the living room or dining room for example, the look of travertine on porcelain stoneware is elegant, precious, and brings an incredible touch of authenticity.

Secondly, it is possible for humid spaces to be covered with travertine effect porcelain tiles. Bathrooms and kitchens, despite their more frequent humidity, can be adorned with the look of this elegant stone since it is made of porcelain stoneware. This tile can even cover your pool area and give it a unique identity. Ceramic is, indeed, particularly adapted to this use thanks to its intrinsic qualities. Its resistance to humidity, steam and heat do not cause any deterioration of the tile.

Finally, travertine style tiles are also available in a 20-mm thickness in the Outdoor Plus range, which is specially designed for outdoor use. In this case, other laying methods are possible, such as laying on gravel, lawn or a raised installation, and the traditional adhesive technique can be avoided. This aesthetic choice gives every exterior space, from gardens to terraces and balconies, a timeless and authentic design thanks to the softness of the various beige shades and the faithful reproduction of the original material.

Decorating with tiles that look like travertine: a child’s play

The possibilities are endless with the aesthetic appearance of travertine stone. The reproduction is extremely faithful and even contains the asperities that adorn the surface in a refined way. The wide range of colours and finishes of this stone look tile completes any room in the house, regardless of the decorating style. The versatile and timeless nature of travertine effect tiles makes it easy to keep the interior of the house up to date.

Travertine like tiles stand the test of time and retain their original aesthetic appearance. It is possible to design a refined decoration with the soft, warm shades of beige that form the available colour palette. In addition, each collection features striking details that are specific to this stone, such as veins, and replicates all the elements present on the surface of the natural stone to create a unique result and at the same time offer a feeling of authenticity.

What are the sizes of travertine look porcelain tiles?

There are many different sizes of tiles available for this purpose. Thus, each project has a suitable format, to be chosen according to the requirements and other decorative wishes. The possibilities are as follows:

  • Small travertine like tiles, including the 20×20-cm tile size. These dimensions are particularly suitable for installation on kitchen walls, for example, to give them a natural and distinguished identity. Mosaic also belongs to this category and can be used, among other things, as bathroom flooring tiles or on one shower wall for a geometric and charming effect.
  • Medium travertine style tiles in 60×60 cm. These medium sizes are commonly the most chosen because they are suitable for every space and easily manage to enhance it.

  • Travertine effect porcelain tiles in rectangular shape with sizes of 10×60 cm, 30×60 cm and 60×90 cm. Ideal for a contemporary touch, the rectangular tiles can be used in many spaces and give them a singular and modern style. If it is difficult to choose tile shapes, you can always choose a modular composition, i.e. Roman opus, which combines different sizes in a harmonious way for a highly geometrical result.

Travertine effect porcelain tiles

The advantages of travertine ceramic tiles

Novoceram travertine effect tiles combine the considerable charm of travertine stone with the resistance of porcelain stoneware. For many reasons, they appear as an obvious choice for floor or wall covering.

One of the most important advantages of porcelain tiles is certainly their easy maintenance. To clean the, you simply need hot water and a cloth. Thanks to the low porosity of porcelain stoneware, it is easy to remove stains as they remain on the surface of the tile. If stains are more stubborn, it is possible to use aggressive products, preferably of a professional brand.

Ceramic tiles are also environmentally friendly and do not release toxic substances into the air. Moreover, all the raw materials needed to make the prototypes are extracted in an environmentally friendly way. In fact, none of them comes from a Natura 2000 area to protect the fauna and flora, both defined as fragile.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the aesthetic effect of ceramic tiles does not change over time and do not deteriorate. Outside, UV rays do not lighten the colour of tiles. In other words, the finishes and colours of tiles retain their original aesthetic appearance despite possible external aggressions. This is a considerable advantage over travertine, which can suffer blackening or premature degradation from factors such as dirt or frost.

Frequently asked questions about travertine effect ceramic tiles

Are ceramic travertine tiles compatible with an underfloor heating system?

Regardless of the aesthetic aspect, ceramic tiles are ideal for underfloor heating. This material, with its high thermal conductivity, guarantees a high efficiency of the thermal installation, which even reaches a higher level than other insulating materials.

Can travertine style tiles be installed in outdoor environments?

Ceramic tiles can be used on terraces, balconies, swimming pools and other exterior spaces for many reasons. Firstly, they resist to bad weather and are not affected by temperature changes. Moreover, the sun’s ultraviolet rays have no effect on their colour or finish. Novoceram has even designed a tile range for outdoor use called Outdoor Plus, which includes 2 cm thick tiles and offers installation methods other than adhesive techniques, such as laying on gravel, lawn or paving stones.

How do I maintain travertine look tiles so that they keep their appearance?

Porcelain stoneware has a robust nature and does not deteriorate when exposed to various factors, such as humidity or heat. It also resists to scratches and wear and tear, as its aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate even under intensive use.

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